Pedialyte for Babies: Benefits, Dosage, and Safety

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Is Pedialyte Safe for Babies? What Parents Must Know

Pedialyte for Babies

Can I Safely Give My Baby Pedialyte?

Pedialyte has always been one of the go-to solutions for those who are on the lookout for a drink that hydrates and refreshes. Right from athletes to kids, Pedialyte has had an extensive customer base. The brand is not just one that packages colored drinks in bottles. The fact is that Pedialyte does do a great job at re-hydrating the body, and is sometimes even prescribed by doctors for those who are going through any kind of dehydration.

There are two main reasons why Pedialyte has become such a popular drink within its category:

First, the products offered by the brand have a significantly higher quantity of electrolytes sodium. When the body is going through the process of dehydration, it needs a good amount of electrolytes and fluids to get back in order. A lack of electrolytes may be to blame for why your baby won’t sleep. Pedialyte contains a much higher quantity of this as compared to traditional sports and energy drinks, making this a better option, especially for medical purposes.

Secondly, Pedialyte is the more preferred option because of the sugar content in it. A lot of times, drinks that are targeted at hydration contain high quantities of sugar in it. When someone going through dehydration drinks this excessive quantity of sugars, they are more likely to experience heightened effects that are conducive to the purpose of the drink.

Please be aware of whether or not your baby is lactose intolerant prior to giving your baby dairy. If you’re wondering whether or not you can give your baby water or give your baby milk, click the links for more information.

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Pedialyte For Babies

One of the biggest uses of Pedialyte is to ensure that an individual stays hydrated when they are going through any kind of stomach infection or flu. Stomach bugs tend to dehydrate the individual, which can make the symptoms even worse. Pedialyte does a good job in these situations and ensures that the individual gets the electrolytes that they need. However, one of the bigger questions that parents tend to have is “Can I give my baby Pedialyte?”. Giving your baby Pedialyte has become somewhat of a norm when a child gets some kind of stomach bug, even if the parents aren’t fully aware of what it entails.

Parents all over the country have been using Pedialyte to relieve some of the symptoms experienced as a result of the stomach flu. Because children are more susceptible to this and need something to hydrate them well, Pedialyte has become the go-to drink that parents give their children. Many pediatricians also recommend giving your baby Pedialyte when they have any kind of illness.

While this may be a popular choice, it is important to note the age at which you can start giving your baby Pedialyte. Sure Pedialyte can relieve some of the symptoms that children are facing, but the quantity at which this can be given heavily depends on the range of the child.

Why Should You Give Your Baby Pedialyte

When babies go through any kind of flu or gastroenteritis, their bodies tend to become weak as they try to fight off the infection. While antibiotics can generally aid in this process, there are a number of related effects that are witnessed. One of the most common things that occur when babies fall sick is some kind of diarrhea or vomiting. When a baby is going through this, their body is losing water at an incredibly fast rate. This can lead to a number of further complications which can all be easily avoided.

Giving your baby Pedialyte during this time can give their body the electrolytes that it needs to stay hydrated while they fight off the disease. While Pedialyte is not a medicine to stop the infection, it can relieve some of the effects experienced as a result of this.

Age Group

Before wondering “Can I give my baby Pedialyte?”, it is essential to ask, “is it safe?”. Parents across the country might say that giving your baby Pedialyte is a good choice even if they don’t have the right information on it. According to experts, Pedialyte is safe is you take adequate precautions while doing so.

  • Infants

One of the biggest concerns comes from parents of newborns and infants who are used to asking the “is it safe?” question for almost anything. The act of giving your baby Pedialyte must only be done after consulting your pediatrician and getting their approval.

  • Children Under One Year

Giving your baby Pedialyte while they are still under the age of one is something that you should do only with a proper doctor’s approval.

  • Children Over One Year

Giving your baby Pedialyte after they have crossed the age of one is relatively safe, but is still something that should be done with caution.

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