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Yocum's Test | Subacromial Pain Syndrome (SAPS)

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The Yocum's Test is used to examine the possibility of a shoulder rotator cuff impingement (subacromial impingement syndrome).

It is also referred to as the Yocum Maneuvre.

Yocum's Test


During the Yocum Test / Manoeuvre, the arm is forced to ADDuction and the elbow is flexed until the hand is over the contralateral shoulder. Then the patient raises the elbow without moving the shoulder. The test is considered to be positive if the patient has pain during the manoeuvre.

Step 1 
Ask the patient to place the hand of their affected shoulder, to the opposite shoulder (cross body ADDuction).

Step 2 
The examiner will then elevate the elbow.

Step 3 
If the patient experiences pain or demonstrates signs of apprehension, the test is considered positive.
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