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Acupressure Slippers' Health Benefits: Do Acupressure

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Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy that works by restoring life force that is believed to be present in all of us. It’s a Chinese belief that the positive energy flow of this life force is responsible for our well-bein

​Acupressure slippers

Most of us do not realise that the entire stress and weight of our body is carried by our feet and feet are the most ignored part of our body. We should take care of our feet and keep them strong with daily foot massages for a few minutes. This is where acupressure footwear comes into play. Because massaging your feet every day may not be feasible, you can give acupressure slippers a try.

Here are six health benefits of wearing acupressure slippers:

​Promotes sleep

Walking in acupressure massage slippers can relieve foot pain and can induce better sleep. These slippers target the nerve endings, as a result, you have better blood circulation and relaxed nerves.

​Fights depression

Many nerve endings linked with various organs are situated right below the feet. Acupressure sandals massage the feet and act as a pain reliever. The area in the center of the toe and the ball of the feet are linked to mental and emotional health. Targeting these areas by wearing acupressure sandals can relieve symptoms of depression.

​Relieves pains and aches

Walking wearing the acupressure slippers can help in reducing body pain. The pain arising from ankle, neck, migraine headache, lower back and thighs can be fully relieved by walking in these slippers for 30 minutes every day.

​Eases menopause and PMS symptoms

Many women suffer from extreme mood swings and aches due to premenstrual syndrome. Symptoms of menopause such as depression, backache and foot ache can be reduced by using acupressure slippers. The area where the big toe meets the rest of the feet is an essential point to relieve stress caused by such symptoms.

​Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is where you have this constant urge to move your leg while experiencing pulling or burning sensation. It is more of a neurological disorder. Walking on massage slippers targets the specific nerve endings that relieve the pain and increases blood circulation, which enables perfectly healthy feet.

​Multiple sclerosis

Stimulating the feet is said to relieve and treat various health issues. Acupressure sandals can address symptoms of fatigue in patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

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