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Ways Acupuncture Can Help Deal with Fertility Problems

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Globally, infertility affects close to 12% women worldwide and to solve the problems, many turn to medicines and even procedures.

While medicines and treatment procedures are effective solutions to battle problems, the one thing that has helped many women conceive is acupuncture. The traditional Chinese therapy, which stimulates several channels of energy in your body by placing thin, long needles on the skin can immensely benefit your fertility cycles and treat problems holistically. Here are six ways acupuncture can come to your rescue:

Improve egg quality

As you age, your fertility also starts to weaken a little and the primary damage happens to your eggs. Quality and quantity of eggs also go down due to certain lifestyle problems, prior surgery or genetic disorders.

Going for regular cycles of acupuncture therapy can make a big difference to your blood circulation and purify it, making the blood flow evenly. It can improve the production of reproductive hormones in the body, which further help boost the quality of eggs in the reproductive system.

Promote ovulation in the body

One of the proven benefits of traditional Chinese therapy is boosting ovulation cycles in the body. In certain cases, piercing the body with needles around the reproductive area or abdomen can also kickstart your menstrual cycle and ultimately aid fertility. For people suffering from PCOS, acupuncture can also come in handy.

Prevents the risk of miscarriage

Some healers believe that going through cycles of acupuncture in fairly early days of pregnancy is a good call and can possibly prevent chances of miscarriage from happening. What acupuncture does is actually assist in the process of pregnancy, from implantation, placing of the placenta and maintaining the progesterone levels in the body. Taking precautions in the early months can help.

Deal with stress in an effective way

Acupuncture has been deemed to be one of the most effective alternative healing therapies to help with stress management. For a lot of couples going through fertility problems, stress and anxiety also pose added problems and can take a toll on your body. Many studies believe that piercing the triggered areas or the parts of the body where you store stress with needles can release out stress and negative energies which might be harming you.

Helps speed up the IVF process

IVF (In-vitro Fertilisation) is not a one-way process. Along with medical support, you also need to practice good measures to boost your fertility levels naturally. Acupuncture can also be of great help, increase the effectiveness of treatment plans and make you respond better to the medicines.

Acupuncture is also prescribed for patients suffering from infertility who show poor results in ongoing treatment plans. Hence, going for rounds of acupuncture can improve your odds of conceiving and aid fertility.

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