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Ayurvedic Tips To Keep Cool In Summer; Stay Healthy

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With the mercury soaring high with each passing day - dehydration, diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting - are becoming too common. According to Ayurveda, summer is the season of pitta, thus it’s important for us to keep our pitta dosha cool in order to not aggravate the symptoms.

According to experts, it’s important for us to eat more alkaline foods to fight the heat in our body. Consuming green vegetables, water-rich foods and drinking enough water are of paramount importance during summer.

Here are some Ayurvedic tips to beat the heat this summer:

​Eat pitta-pacifying foods

Ensure to eat foods to keep your body cool and get relief from the excessive heat. Melons, pears, apples, berries, prunes, plums and all green veggies are great for summer.

​Avoid heat producing foods

Say no to foods that produce heat in your body. Avoids citrus foods, beetroots, carrots, garlic, chilli, tomato, salted cheese and sour cream to reduce the production of heat in your body. Eat more salads and avoid dark meat.

​Eat on time

One should always eat food when their digestive fire is at its strongest, which is during the mid-day. Not having your lunch during summer can upset your pitta dosha, which will make you cranky and irritated.

Use coconut oil

Rubbing coconut oil on your body before taking a bath has a calming, cooling and soothing effect on the skin. You can also use sunflower oil.

​Avoid hot water/hot drinks

Again, drinking hot water or other hot beverages can upset your pitta dosha. Drinking beverages at room temperature is considered best during this season.

​Exercise in the morning

Exercising every day is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Always prefer exercising in the morning during the summer season as the temperature at this time is slightly lower as compared to the other parts of the day.

Use cooling oils

You can use khus, sandalwood and jasmine oil as they have a soothing aroma and also have cooling properties.

​Avoid icy 'cold drinks'

Consuming ice cold drinks inhibits digestion and creates toxins. Drinking chilled drinks puts off the digestive fire that is responsible for converting food into energy. This can lead to various health issues.

Happy summers!

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