Vaginal Bleeding and Blood Clots During Pregnancy


Here are some common cause

Even though spotting and light bleeding are sometimes normal during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is natural to get worried about it. Data suggests that about 20- 25 per cent pregnant women experience spotting during the first trimester and sometimes it may even stretch to the second trimester. Spotting during pregnancy is not like menstrual bleeding and often poses no threat to mom or baby. Some may see the blood after intercourse, while for others it may not be related to pregnancy at all. However, in certain cases, spotting can mean something serious and alarming. Here are 4 signs when you need to worry about your blood spots.

​If bleeding is heavy

Spotting is generally light bleeding. It is not like a menstrual period where people experience a heavy flow of blood. You do not need to regularly change your tampon or pads to prevent normal staining. If this is not the case then it is worrisome. If you are having moderate to heavy bleeding, then it is advisable to get in touch with your doctor immediately.

​If you experience intense back pain with spotting

Spotting along with intense back pain is also not a good sign when you are pregnant. Cramping and back pain are common during the normal menstrual cycle, but during pregnancy, it can mean something more serious. You should never take this situation lightly. Moreover, if spotting is accompanied by fever and chills then you should seek medical help.

​If the colour of the blood is bright red

Not only the flow but the colour of the blood also has an important role to play. It is more worrisome if the colour of the blood is bright red as compared to the blood that's brownish. Sometimes the bleeding is also accompanied by blood clots or tissue. These are normal signs at all.

​If you are feeling dizzy

Heavy spotting along with dizziness and reduced pregnancy symptoms also calls for an emergency. Dizziness and reduced pregnancy symptoms can indicate a miscarriage. So, call for an emergency without wasting time.

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