Things Employees Want to Hear From Their Bosses

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All employees want is a good boss. Someone who can motivate them, be an excellent team player and be considerate of a difficult situation at times is what employees dream about a good boss. An efficient leader in the workplace has the ability to boost morale and work productivity for a smooth workflow. Catering to employees’ needs is also an important part of being a good leader and so, every boss should take this in mind. In account of this, here are some very common but vital things all employees expect to hear from their bosses.

Reasons of appreciation

'Good job' isn’t the only thing employees want to hear when they do their job well. Getting a little feedback on how, what and why they performed well in the project can help them understand their role better for upcoming future projects. A boss should be able to identify employees’ weaknesses, strengths and special abilities.

Asking for opinions

Knowing that the workplace is all about efficient teamwork, employees expect their bosses to ask for their opinions in certain matters from time to time. Giving them the opportunity to express their views and opinions paves a space for a healthy work environment where they can also be recognised for their improved ideas.

Giving timely feedback

This is a very important step for retaining a proper employee-boss relationship. Feedbacks are necessary to understand the dynamics of the workplace and what exactly is being expected from an employee. Most of the time, bosses expect their employees to work harder on their own without giving them proper direction or feedback as to where they should improve their skills. And so, all employees wish bosses would frequently give feedback here and there.

Learning from mistakes

Some bosses are quite easy-going and know how to tell tales of where they used to go wrong as freshers. Employees like bosses who can give honest life lessons about making mistakes and yet be stern about not doing it again. “This was what I did once...and this is how I made it right” is the perfect example of being easy-going and friendly.

Signs of gratitude

Small signs of gratitude or ‘thanks’ can make an employee feel really good about themselves. Employees want their bosses to show appreciation for their efforts in any work that has considerably boosted work productivity. Public or personal recognition can boost the employees’ morale and encourage them to work better.


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