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Weird Pregnancy Symptoms You Might Not Expect

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No doubt the feeling of becoming a mother is overwhelming. You count days on your fingers while waiting for the baby to arrive. Though both the parents are super excited, the journey of pregnancy is no less than a roller coaster ride for the mother.

Apart from the glowy skin and the beautiful baby bump, itchy boobs and feeling extra gassy are also the things that happen during pregnancy. Not just this, there is more on the list when it comes to the embarrassing things that happen during pregnancy. Below is a list of seven such things.

​Gas and burping

As the baby grows, the space in your belly becomes tight. Your bowel becomes crowded, which makes the digestion go haywire leaving you bloated and gassy. Other foods like pizza, ice cream and junk, which women crave for during pregnancy, also leads to bloating and gas.


Eating frequent and smaller meals often works well in reducing gas and bloating. Avoid having fatty foods, especially the ones with artificial sweeteners. Go for a 20-minute walk after having your dinner (only if your doctor is okay with it). If none of these things help, ask your doctor to recommend an anti-gas medicine.



According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, most women get constipated at some point in their pregnancy. The ramped-up pregnancy hormones slow your digestion, which allows more nutrient absorption by the baby and leads to constipation. As the baby grows, it becomes difficult for your bowel to work smoothly.


Increase your intake of fibre, recommend experts. You can also consult your doctor and take a laxative.

​Itchy nipples

Because your breasts are getting prepared for breastfeeding, the size of your nipples and breast increase. When your breasts grow, the sensitive skin in the area stretches, which triggers the itching.


Apply a lot of moisturiser on your nipples when you feel the need to scratch. Using a lotion with vitamin E and cocoa after showering can also help in keeping your skin supple and prevent itching. Wear nursing bras made of soft cotton and avoid wearing uncomfortable clothing.

​Groin pain

The pain down there starts happening from the mid-pregnancy. At this time, the round ligaments in your pelvis stretch to accommodate your growing baby. You may feel the pain when you stand up suddenly after sitting for long or when you hit the bed after standing for long. When the weight of your baby’s head presses down your pubic bone, groin aches can be sharp and intense.


Take the load off your feet. Use a footrest or pillow to prop up your legs and relieve the pressure on your pelvis. Doing a simple stretch and wearing a belly support band under your clothes can also ease the pain by soothing some of the strain on your lower midsection.


06/8​Leaking urine

When you are pregnant, certain hormones signal your pelvic muscles to relax so you can deliver eventually. This makes you more prone to little leaks – knows as urinary incontinence – while sneezing or giggling. From the second trimester, your baby starts putting pressure on your bladder, which also leads to some leaking during pregnancy.


Doing some Kegel exercises (contracting your pelvic floor as you are trying to hold your pee) in sets of 10, several times a day can help minimise the leakage by strengthening the muscles of your bladder.

​Skin breaking out like a teenager

For some women, pregnancy is nine long months of PMS. The roller-coaster hormones can trigger blemishes and bums that you last experienced when you were 14.


Do not use products that have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy as these chemicals are linked with birth defects. Talk to your doctor about some alternatives. The good news is all the acne goes away with your delivery even if you do not do anything.

​Vaginal discharge

The rising estrogen levels in the third trimester can cause your vagina to produce more secretions and discharge.


You cannot prevent or limit vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Wearing cotton underwear can help you stay dry. You can use a panty liner too, but do not forget to change it frequently as a damp pad can cause irritation. Never douche or use a tampon during your pregnancy as this might introduce bacteria into your vagina and cause infection. A recent study has found women who douche during pregnancy are more likely to have a pre-term delivery as compared to those who do not.

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