How to Hold a Baby: Step by Step

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Holding a newborn is a tricky task, especially if you are a first-time parent. The moment you hold the baby in your arms, your hands might start shivering, you might feel your heart pounding and there might be a constant fear that the little one might just slip from your hold or get hurt. Well, the confusion and the nervousness are obvious. You might probably have a lot of questions on how to hold the baby safely and comfortably in your arms. To ease your stress, we will tell you the right way to hold a newborn safely.

Step 1: Clean your hands

Washing your hands before holding a baby is an unskippable step. Our hands are filled with different kinds of germs and bacteria, which might be harmful to the baby. A baby's immune system is not completely developed when they are born and they are more likely to get sick. You surely do not want this to happen. So, wash your hands properly with soap and water for 30 seconds before holding a baby.

Step 2: Make yourself comfortable

You cannot pick the baby comfortably if you are not comfortable. There is no need to take stress, holding a baby is not that difficult you just have to follow the right steps. So, feel confident and make yourself comfortable.

Step 3: Provide support

While picking up the baby from the cradle or someone's arms, use your one hand to support the little one's head and neck. The head of a baby is the heaviest part of their body at birth and they cannot support it on their own as their neck lacks critical muscles, which helps to control the movement.

Step 4: Choose your position

After providing the support you have to place the other hand under their body to pick them up. Once you have lifted the baby, bring them close to your chest level. You can hold them in whatever positions you want, just makes sure you support their neck. There are a variety of positions that you can try to see which one is more comfortable for you. Here's are the 3 easiest and safest holding positions.

Cradle hold

The cradle hold is one of the easiest and popular positions to hold a newborn.

Directions: Slide your right hand under the baby's from the top to support their head and neck. Place the head of the little one into the crook of your elbow and move your hand to their bottom. Now slide your left hands from the bottom and hip to gently pick the baby. Bring the baby close to you to get more comfortable in the position.

Shoulder hold

Shoulder hold is perfect for burping and making the baby sleep.

Directions: Place one hand between the neck and the head of the baby and the other one at the bottom to lift the baby. Bring the baby’s body parallel with your own and lift their head to shoulder height. Allow your baby to rest his or her head on your shoulder and support the head and neck with one hand and bottom with the other.

Lap hold

Lap hold is a much easier and comfortable position to hold a newborn. If you are holding an infant for the first time, lap hold is perfect for you.

Directions: Sit down on a chair comfortably with your feet firmly on the ground. Now place the baby in your lap. Her/his head should be at your knees, face up.


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