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Health Benefits of Mud Therapy – Here is Why You Should Try It

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Sometimes, natural is the best way to go! It holds the power to solve so many problems from the root without carrying the side-effects which medications often leave behind. Earth is rich in so many minerals and nutrients which can heal our body holistically and help you lead a better lifestyle.

Mud therapy is one such wonderful cure which you can use to solve so many ailments. Slowly gaining popularity globally, mud therapy can help you in a lot of ways- from improving your skin, getting rid of rashes as well keep you disease-free during monsoons.

How does it work?

According to Ayurvedic beliefs, our body is made up of five essential elements-earth, water, air, fire, and ether. Mud, clay (or earth), has the ability to heal the body from the inside and correct any imbalance. It contains a lot of vital minerals which fight the bad toxins in the body. Since it has so many health benefits, it can also treat a lot many chronic health problems and cure away ailments as well. Here are 5 such benefits mud therapy offers:

It improves your digestion

Mud has a powerful effect to absorb and dilute bad toxins from the body which might be making you sick. Applying a layer of mud around the stomach also works to improve the digestion in the body, detox you naturally and at the same time pace up the body's metabolism.

Fights a bad headache or fever

Fever making it difficult to concentrate? Mud therapy can help. Applying mud packs around the abdomen area can fight the excess heat and cool down the body from the inside. It also provides quicker relief during heat strokes when you can get bogged by a bad headache. Unlike medications, alternate treatments like these carry zero to none side effects and provide quick relief.

Good skin

The biggest benefit mud therapy has to offer is for the skin. According to Ayurveda, the mud clears away the toxins and controls the bad effects of Pita in the body. At the same time, it detoxifies the skin of any impurities, leaving you with softer, fresher skin. This can also help you purify your skin during pollution.

Gets rid of stress

Since mud is cooling in nature, this therapy is often prescribed by naturopaths and alternative healers to deal with nervous problems like stress, sleep disorders, anxiety as well as sciatica and post-traumatic disorders. It absorbs the bad toxins from the surface and clears away blocked or tensed pathways around the brain.

Good for the eyes

Since we spend a good amount of the day in front of the screens, our eyes do not actually get to relax. Since ages, it has been believed that walking barefoot in mud or simply applying a cooling layer around the eyes rejuvenates it and promotes good eye health. It relieves stress and can also help get rid of infections and allergies. Studies have also claimed that mud baths can cut down the risk of developing glaucoma as you age.

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