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Precautions take newborn comes home

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How to keep your newborn protected

The second wave of coronavirus has proven to be more infectious than the previous one. It is spreading at a rapid speed among people of all age groups, including kids who were earlier considered to be immune to the infection. In such a situation, it is obvious to worry about newborns who have an underdeveloped immune system that cannot fight the deadly virus. If you too are parents of a newborn and have been worried about their health, it is time to slow down because as per a new study, newborns rarely developed severe COVID-19 infection.

​Coronavirus infection in newborns

Research published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health revealed that severe infection in infants after coming in contact with the contagious COVID-19 virus is rare. Even if they do get infected, their symptoms are mild and they recover quickly. The researchers recommend mothers and babies stay together as separating them to cut down the risk of infection might not prove that beneficial.

If the mother of the child has been tested positive, there are only slim chances that the virus will be passed on to the unborn baby in the uterus. There is no evidence about the presence of the virus in the amniotic fluid of mothers (which surrounds the baby in the belly) who tested positive for COVID-19.


​The study

For the study, the researchers in London reviewed the data of COVID-19 cases that occurred between March and April of 2020. They stressed the number of babies admitted to the hospital within 28 days after their birth due to coronavirus infection. Out of 120,000 babies born in the UK during this period, only 66 had SARS-CoV-2 infection. Of the 66 newborns, only in 17 cases, the mothers of the infants were also tested positive seven days before giving birth and only in two cases the virus was thought to be directly passed on to the baby in the uterus.

Of all the mothers who gave birth during this period, approximately 300 with confirmed COVID-19 infection gave birth during this time and remained with their infant afterwards. Seven babies were separated from their mothers and still contracted COVID-19.

However, none of the babies from the group died from COVID-19 related complication


​Symptoms of the infection in newborns

​How to keep your baby safe

Based on the findings of the study, the researchers do not recommend separating the newborn from their mothers in case of coronavirus infection as it would not be beneficial in any way. Just make sure that you wear a mask all the time and keep your hands clean.

Anyone suffering from a high fever, cough, runny nose, or any other symptoms linked with COVID-19 should stay away from the babies. Also, encourage visitors to wash their hands and wear a mask to cut down the risk of infection.

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