Exercise During Pregnancy: Exercise Types, Guidelines

Exercising is good for everyone, even when you are pregnant. Engaging in any kind of low impact physical activity can provide relief from different pregnancy-related symptoms like backaches, swollen ankles and also help you sleep peacefully at night. Exercising regularly before and during pregnancy not only helps the mother but is also beneficial for her unborn baby. The baby may be born with a fitter heart, lower BMI, and a healthy brain. However, there are a few circumstances where exercising can do more harm than good. So, you must talk to your doctor to avoid any complications.

​History of premature labour

If your first child was born before 37 weeks gestation, which is also referred to as premature delivery, then it is best to avoid any kind of stern physical activity.. Even if you have experienced premature labour in your current pregnancy (contraction after week 20 and before week 37) , it would be advised to you to take more rest. If you are very keen to exercise, talk to your doctor about it. They might suggest some easy exercises.

​History or signs of miscarriage

Women with a history of miscarriage or those who have witnessed bleeding or spotting in the current pregnancy should be extra careful during their nine months of pregnancy. Most women avoid exercising in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to avoid miscarriage. It is best to consult your doctors about what kind of activities you can perform.

​Placental problems

In the case of placenta previa, it is usually recommended to decrease the activity level as stern physical activity may provoke contractions or bleeding. Women with the placental problem need to be extra careful in the first trimester, after that they can be permitted to engage in light physical activity. It all depends on their health condition.

​Heart and lungs issues

Expecting mothers with a history of heart and lung diseases are also advised to stay away from all kinds of aerobic exercises. In these kinds of exercises, the heart rate goes up and the requirement of oxygen by the body increases. This may be problematic for women suffering from high blood pressure, asthma and other heart and lung-related complications.

​Exercises that pregnant women must not do

All kinds of exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy as long as you are healthy and not suffering from any pregnancy-related complications. Swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling and low-impact exercises are best for an expecting mother. However, there are some particular activities they must avoid for the baby's safety.

Avoid lying flat on your back after the 4th month of pregnancy.

Avoid sports in which there is a risk of injuries such as kickboxing, squash, tennis, football and hockey.

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