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Acupuncture - The Benefits, How It Works, Side Effects

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Acupuncture is a process of inserting thin needles in specific points of the body to regulate the flow of energy or Qi. It is a natural and safe practice to get relief from different kinds of medical conditions. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged that acupuncture therapy is effective in treating 47 medical conditions including back pain, acne, insomnia asthma, infertility, obesity, and irritable colon syndrome.

It is a low-risk, safe and effective procedure, provided that it is performed by a licensed practitioner. But like any other procedure, there some common post-acupuncture effect. Though these symptoms are slightly uncomfortable, they are completely normal and people should not freak out. They are indications that the energy is moving through the body and the treatment is working.

Here are some common side-effects of acupuncture one must know about before taking the treatment.



Some people feel exhausted after acupuncture. This generally disappears a few hours after taking the treatment, but for some people, it lasts for up to three days. This is quite common at the beginning of the session and one must not worry about it. It is actually a warning sign that your body needs rest and you need to take care of it. Only acupuncture cannot heal you completely, you need some self-care also.


The body parts were the needles are inserted can feel a little sore after the treatment. This happens commonly in sensitive areas like hands, feet or large intestine. Usually, the soreness disappears after 24 hours from the treatment, but in some cases, it may last for a few days. Muscle twitching is also common post acupuncture.


Slight bruising at the needling site is also very common after acupuncture. This happens due to the collection of blood at the site where the needle punctures the skin. Bruising lasts longer than soreness, but still, there is nothing to worry about it.


Few people also experience lightheadedness post-treatment. If you feel so, then take some rest after taking the treatment. Do not get up immediately after the treatment, lay down on the acupuncture table for some time and take some deep breath. Also, to avoid such a situation, always eat something before your session.

Emotional outburst

Sometimes people cry or feel too emotional during acupuncture. This does not happen because the treatment is too painful. It is because of the release of certain energy, which may lead to an emotional outburst. Acupuncture helps to heal both your physical and mental issues, so the emotional release is also a sign that the treatment is working.

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