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Ways to Bond With Baby: When and How It Happens

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A lot of women find it tough to bond with their unborn baby. The kicks give them the sudden rush but is soon taken over by nausea, discomfort of the extra weight they are carrying and all the unnatural (but natural) things that happen to their bodies. And so when the doctor (and practically the whole world) tells them to bond with their babies, it gets really tough. We spoke to 5 mamas to know what they did to bond with their baby at a time when the baby was nestled deep in her womb! Here are the tips:

Create a pregnancy journal

It is a good idea to maintain a pregnancy journal where you write emotions you are feeling. Plan it in such a manner that you can share it with your baby once she is old enough to read. So describe your emotions and write about the preparations you are doing to welcome the baby. And how you imagine him/her to look once born, things you can't wait to teach him/her. Trust us, writing it all down helps you bond with the baby in a big way.

Meditate and connect with the baby

Create a pregnancy playlist and make sure you add some meditative tracks to it - sit in a silent corner of the house, do it up in a manner that it looks welcoming, put on soulful music and connect with your baby. You can also listen to tracks like Garbh Sanskar or Om chanting that will help you meditate and create peace within.

Get creative

There is a lot you can do with your pregnancy belly, that doesn’t last too long (nah! not referring to the post baby belly). So celebrate while it lasts. There are a lot of creative things that moms do - like getting a cast made of their belly or getting it sketched or tattooed by an artist. Click pictures so you can retain that memory for longer.

Pamper yourself

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. In fact the more you enjoy your pregnancy, the better it will be for you to connect to your baby. Go for spa sessions, meet your friends, do whatever you like doing and you will realise that when you stop seeing pregnancy as a restriction, you will naturally bond with your baby.

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