Best Pregnancy Tests Kit Review : How to Use Pregnancy Kits

Pregnancy is the most wonderful experience of a woman’s life and when you start realizing its symptoms it is really very difficult to wait even a single more day without confirming it. In old times the only medical test was an option which held in a diagnosis center but that is an outdated way. Now get confirm news of your pregnancy by bringing the best pregnancy test kit at home only.

Pregnancy kits have wins the hearts of women worldwide because of its accuracy and instant result. Now no more waiting time is accompanied by these kits. Just within 5 to 10 minutes you can clear all your confusion. It saves you from the harassment of going to a diagnosis center and to wait for 24 hours for the report.

Best Pregnancy Tests

When a woman observes any symptoms of pregnancy then time flies like a bird and it’s really become impossible to wait even for a second. So get rid of your anxiety and curiosity by buying a test kit from the market for testing whether you are really pregnant or the symptoms you are experiencing is for some other reasons.

Top 10 Pregnancy Test Kits:

Pregnancy test kits are the ready remedy for women who are observing or expecting to be pregnant. There are many brands who manufacture these kits. All of them are good and reliable with their some unique as well as similar features, which brand you are choosing for you totally depends upon your own wish and liking. We have made your path easy by enlisting below the top pregnancy kits available in the market.

I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit


I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit
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I-Can is the most highlighted and famous brand in producing test kit for pregnancy. This shows you an accurate report of your pregnancy within few minutes. If you are noticing the symptoms of pregnancy then use this test kit and get the instant result within your home only.

When you get pregnant you start facing some common symptoms that all pregnant women experience. Frequent vomiting, nausea, tiredness, weakness, mind swing etc. are some in general signs of pregnancy and in more than 80% cases if a woman observes all these signs get a positive response out of pregnancy test kit. In some cases, these signs appear out of some other health concern.

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment especially when it is the first time. So bring home to I-Can test kit and get an instant report of your good news if it is there. One pregnancy detecting strip and dropper lies in this test kit. You need to collect your morning first urine for examining the pregnancy. Drop few drops of your urine by the help of dropper on detecting strip and wait for sometimes (5 minutes) until the bands get red.

If both the bands present over the detecting strip turns red it means you are pregnant and if only one band turns read that means still the good news has not knocked your door. By detecting the level of pregnancy hormone existing in your blood it detects the pregnancy. As it is manufactured by the Piramal Enterprises Ltd. which is a big reputed brand so that is one more added point of this kit and reason of trust by the users.

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Prega News Advance Pregnancy Test Kit

Prega News Advance Pregnancy Test Kit
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Prega news advance pregnancy test kit is manufactured by one of the biggest pharmaceutical company names Mankind who has made the record in producing effective medicine and tools. This is the reason behind the popularity and effectiveness of this test kit.

Get assured and 100% accurate test result by using this pregnancy test kit. These kits are very handy and great benefits for the women who find it difficult to go to a diagnosis center for giving the test for pregnancy. This kit will save your expensive time as well as money by showing you hassle-free report for confirming the pregnancy.

This is trusted by the gynecologists also as they will not ask you to take any further test or diagnosis if you have brought your tested pregnancy kit. They will start your further treatment like vaccination and other imaging tests just by seeing your pregnancy test kit report.

This test kit is much more easy to use with a comparison to other test kits available in the market. There is no need for any container for holding the urine and neither any dropper is required. Just you need to hold down its absorbent tip in front of your urine flow till it gets wet. Once it is wet, wait for three minutes after that your report will appear on its screen.

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New Choice Pregnancy Test Kit

Choice Pregnancy Test Kit
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The New Choice pregnancy test kit is one another best pregnancy testing home tool. With less waiting time along with 99% accurate report, this test kit has made its recognition among the users in very less time. Are you observing the symptoms of pregnancy but want to keep it secret, then buy this effective and reliable test kit and get your report within your home.

This kit is quite easy to use and very handy. The moment you conceived successfully the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone starts getting produced and it increases with the passes of time. By detecting the level of HCG hormone this test kit reflects its pregnancy report. The best part of the usage of new choice pregnancy kit is that even if the level of pregnancy hormones likes estrogen and progesterone remains very low in your morning urine, it can generate absolutely an accurate report.

Pregnancy is a very sensitive condition and it is very important for some of the women to know correct report as there are cases where some women are waiting eagerly for the positive response and again there are cases where some women are still not ready for any good news. So as per the different situations, these reports are important. There is no chance of any false or inaccurate report with the new choice pregnancy kit.

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Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit


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The Clearblue pregnancy test kit is a digital form of testing kit and much easier to use with the comparison to similar kits available in the market. Cost wise also it’s not that expensive so anyone can afford to buy it.

This kit contains a LED display stick. There is no need to use any dropper for pouring your urine at the testing tool. Just urinate on this LED display stick and wait for few minutes, the result will appear on the screen as “pregnant” if you are really so. This way there is no headache to check the line bars just like other pregnancy test kits and as you direct urinate on its tool so also there is no chance of frequent wet issue of the testing tool.

Another important and beneficial feature of this pregnancy testing kit is that it comes with the pack of 3 and also carries the week estimator which depicts the number of weeks you are pregnant. Suppose if your pregnancy falls between one to two weeks then it will show “1-2”, for two to three weeks old pregnancy it shows “2-3”, for three weeks or older than the 3 weeks it will show the report as “3+”.

So this helps you to stand in the right position by intimating you the days you are actually pregnant from. In some cases, it is found that the week tester report was not perfectly accurate but still it is good as it produces an exact report of pregnancy.

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First Response Pregnancy Test Kit

First Response Pregnancy Test Kit
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First Response pregnancy test kit is giving very tough competition to its rival kits which are available in the market. Get fast response with accuracy by bringing home to this testing kit. Now no more waiting time like it used to have during pregnancy tests in a diagnosis center. You don’t have to go even out of your home place. Use this effective test kit to keep your secret with you only and share with all if you want to do so.

It has the capacity to detect the pregnancy up to six days before you miss your period. It generates 99% of an accurate report in the cases where the woman who is using the kit is pregnant which is quite satisfactory. Its waiting time is also minimal only 3 minutes which is almost nothing.

You need to urinate on the tester and should wait at least for 3 minutes. If you are pregnant the positive report will be generated and it will show two red parallel lines otherwise if the report is negative means you are still not pregnant then only one red line will appear. So it is quite easy to understand and anyone can use it without any difficulty.

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Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit

Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit
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Dr. Reddy’s Velocit pregnancy test kit is tested and produced in the lab of doctor Reddy. So there is no chance of an inaccurate report with this test kit. It is very handy and develops a very early response. You can use this kit on the exact day when you missed your period.

As the morning first urine carries a very high level of HCG so for the testing purpose you require your early morning urine as a sample. By the help of dropper pour the urine on the testing bar and wait for few minutes as mentioned in its instruction manual. If you are pregnant the two parallel lines on the testing tool will get dark, under the case of negative test report only one line will get dark.

This pregnancy kit has the capacity to detect the accurate report even if there only 25 ml of HCG hormone is existing in your urine. Cost wise also this kit is quite cheaper comparatively and as it is tested and approved by Dr. Reddy’s lab so this kit has gained more trust by the users within very few time of its launch. Store it in a refrigerator when you bring it at home as it will help to keep intact its quality and take it out before 15 minutes when you want to use it. Don’t keep it in the deep freezer.

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Pregcolor Card Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregcolor Card Pregnancy Test Kit
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The Pregcolor Card is one another best pregnancy testing kit in India. This kit has an average record of producing 90% of the accurate test report. It is quite easy to handle and use. It is manufactured by MSD Pharmaceutical which a big and reputed pharmaceutical company.
The kit comes with a tester and one dropper. As the early morning, first urine contains a high level of HCG so at first, you need to collect your first-morning urine in a clean container. Then with the help of dropper in your kit pour two drops of the urine on the pregnancy testing tool. Wait for five minutes and check your report. If the result is positive two parallel lines will get red whereas in the case of the negative report only one line will turn to be red.

If both the lines remain unaffected and no change is seen after the waiting time that means your hormone level is very low right now. In that case, you should repeat the same test after a week interval. While doing pregnancy test you should consider and maintain the hygiene. Always use a hygienic jar for keeping the urine, pregnancy kit should be stored in the fridge and bring it out just before 15 minutes before conducting the test.

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How to Use Pregnancy Kits:

Are you expecting to be pregnant? Have you brought pregnancy test kit but don’t know how to use it? If yes then your solution is here. Just follow our below-mentioned steps and confirm the pregnancy within your home boundary only.

At first, collect your early morning first urine in a jar.
Tear the pregnancy test kit packet to bring out its tools.
There will be a long tasting bar where you need to drop your collected urine. Keep it on an equal surface for pouring the urine on it.
With the help of dropper take out the urine from the jar and drop two to three drops on the test bar tool.
Wait for few minutes as mentioned in the instruction page of your pregnancy test kit.
There remain two small parallel lines on pregnancy test kit tool. If your result is positive means you are pregnant then two parallel lines will turn to be red. Under the condition your result is negative then an only single line will get red.

Follow the above mentioned few simple steps or procedure and get your good news report by sitting at home only. As this one of the most precious moments of your life so you need its information as early as possible which you can do by using the best pregnancy test kit.

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