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DIY Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves: Home Pregnancy Test

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Pregnancy is the most awaiting news that every expecting mother wants to listen to get set ready for that amazing roller coaster ride.

Though once you get pregnant your body started to develop different signs and signals to you for letting you know about this good news. However, until it is clear via a reliable test no one can get 100% sure about it.

Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

So if you are the one who wants to confirm your pregnancy then you must try this homemade pregnancy test with dandelion leaves.

The Dandelion Leaves pregnancy test is not only cost-effective but it also gives reliable results too. Its processing method is quite easy and even a first-time pregnant lady can do it by herself without anyone’s assistance.

The leaves of the Dandelion plant contains certain chemicals which have the ability to detect the existence of hCG hormone in urine. hCG is a special hormone which is released during the pregnancy period in a pregnant woman’s body in high volume.

Even the medical pregnancy test kit works on this principle only means by detecting the level of HCG in urine it shows either a positive or negative result.

By soaking or saturating the Dandelion leaves with your urine at home only, you can easily determine whether you are pregnant or not.

You need to soak the Dandelion leaves at least for one hour to get the accurate result. As this time is quite enough to take place a reaction in the liquid with the chemicals of this particular leaves so you get pretty much sure about the reliability of the displayed result after an hour.

One more advantage of using Dandelion leaves for the home pregnancy test over the digital or medical pregnancy test kits that unlike the later one its result doesn’t disappear just within a few seconds or minutes.

That means you can easily show it to a doctor if you want to reconfirm it medically or for further treatment for your existing condition or regarding your pregnancy.

These some special qualities of Dandelion leaves homemade pregnancy test make it a safest and reliable homely pregnancy test with a comparison to other homemade pregnancy test measures.

Just like vinegar or bleach pregnancy test it doesn’t develop or evolve into harmful fumes, which makes it the safest method to try at home if anyone can’t wait longer for diagnostic test report to confirm their pregnancy immediately.

Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

How Does It Work?

The Dandelion leaves homemade pregnancy test is conducted on the basis of the color reaction of this particular leaf and the existing hCG hormones count of an expecting lady. hCG is a hormone which is produced by the placenta and it started coming into an expecting woman’s urine after the 11 days of her conception.

When hCG hormones come in the contact of Dandelion leaves it reacts and changes the color of the said leaf. If you are really pregnant then you can see changes in the Dandelion leaves which will appear like a red blister all over the leaves area, confirming that you are pregnant.

However, in the cases where you have not yet conceived or pregnant, there will be no changes at all over the Dandelion leaves and its color will remain same even after the one-hour Dandelion leaves saturating in the urine.

How to Use the Dandelion Leaves for Home Pregnancy Test?

homemade pregnancy test with dandelion leavesThe Dandelion leaves homemade pregnancy test is very easy in processing. It needs very less effort to do this but only one thing that you have to be 100% sure about that the container or vessel that you will use for performing this test should be fully clean and well dried.


  • Fresh Dandelion Leaves
  • One Clean Container
  • Early morning urine


Once you have plucked few fresh Dandelion leaves for your home pregnancy test your next task will be to collect your very early morning first urine.

You must have a query why only the early morning urine is required for the pregnancy test, this is because the hCG hormone concentration in urine remains highest only in the first urine of early morning, not at any other point in time of the day.

So as now you have all the materials available, you need to add your urine to Dandelion leaves to submerge it in the aforesaid container. Wait for at least 10 minutes to maximum 1 hour to see the changes in the Dandelion leaves color.

In the case you are pregnant, there will be some red blisters that will appear on the leaves of Dandelion which shows that you are pregnant means the result is positive. On the other hand, if there will be no change in the color of Dandelion leaves even after waiting for one hour this means the result is negative or you are not pregnant.

Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

Important Guidelines for Using the Dandelion Leaves for Home Pregnancy Test

In order to get 100% accurate result out of your DIY pregnancy test measure that you are doing through the Dandelion leaves, you have to maintain or ensure about some vital points which are mentioned below-

For ensuring 100% accurate result out of the Dandelion leaves pregnancy test at home you should be very sure that you are using enough amount of urine so that the leaves can easily be submerged.

Otherwise, if leaves don’t get saturated well the red blister which is the symbol of positive pregnancy mark will not appear even though you are actually pregnant at that point in time.

Make sure that the Dandelion leaves that you are about to use for your home pregnancy test is not sprinkled with germicidal or weedicides sprays. If that will be the case the existence of the chemicals content of those sprays may cause to interfere with the accuracy of your DIY pregnancy test.

In order to ensure full accurate result out of the homemade pregnancy test with the Dandelion leaves you should be very sure that the container which you are using for this home test is well-sterilized means pure and clear.

In order to ensure this, you can clean the said container via bleach or any other cleanser. Only if your container will remain sterile then and only you can expect an accurate result out of this test.

For getting an accurate result out if the Dandelion leaves home pregnancy test make sure that this whole processing remains contamination-free as it can affect this test report significantly.

To ensure this you should do this testing in a clean environment which will be free from dust or pollution.

The contamination can happen even at the time when the test result appears so you should remain alert throughout this processing period.

One common mistake that women do with the Dandelion leaves home pregnancy test is that they simply spread the said leaves and urinates over it which is totally an inaccurate process.

The chances are high with this time of processing that your urine remains in the surface only or most of its content splash in the surrounding. Also, this is simply an unhygienic way that you must avoid as contamination can occur easily in this process.

For getting 100% accurate result out of this DIY pregnancy test you should only use your first early morning urine because the overnight concentrated urine has a high volume of hCG concentration per unit which can only develop a positive result of this pregnancy test.

Otherwise, even though you are pregnant but have used urine other than early morning time may get a negative result.

It takes almost 1-hour maximum to get an accurate result out of the Dandelion leaves, homemade pregnancy test. So if you wait less than an hour and expect an accurate result then you are on a wrong page. So wait at least for an hour to get your accurate report.

If you do a home pregnancy test with Dandelion leaves at a very early time means just after few days of your missing period then also chances exist that you will not get an appropriate result even though you are pregnant.

It takes at least 11 days and even more to your hCG to come into your urine. So, avoid the very early time pregnancy test to ensure a 100% accurate result out of this DIY pregnancy test measure.

Analysis of Dandelion leaves Homemade Pregnancy Test

Every remedy or technique for treatment or diagnosis of a health concern comes with certain pros or good points as well as some negative points or cons and the same thing is applicable for this homemade pregnancy test with Dandelion leaves as well which are enlisted under below heads-


It is very simple to understand your pregnancy test report via this particular testing method. Red blisters appear for the positive result whereas there will be no color change in the case of the negative result.

This processing is very safe with a comparison to other homemade pregnancy test measures such as bleach or vinegar DIY pregnancy test methods.

You can easily avail the Dandelion leaves so it is cost-effective and time savior as well.


You need to wait at least for an hour to get an accurate result out of the Dandelion leaves homemade pregnancy test. Whereas in other DIY pregnancy test measures the waiting time is significantly very less than this method.

Benefits of Using DIY Pregnancy Test

DIY pregnancy test methods are very cheap and affordable. Moreover, there is no compromise as per the accuracy is concerned of these homemade pregnancy test reports. This is because it works on the same principle as a diagnostic test or handy pregnancy kits do.

Means it consider the existence of hCG count in your urine to reflect its report just like other reliable sources of pregnancy test do.

Apart from this, it has specific advantages and benefits that make it a perfect method or remedy for every expecting women to try at least once in their lifetime.

Cheap and Affordable

The big benefit of using DIY methods for pregnancy test is that the materials which are used in this homely test are easily available in the local market at a very cheaper cost which increases its affordability value for everyone.

Moreover, it saves your time and cost involved in a consultation with a doctor, or for a diagnostic test center visit or for buying a pregnancy test kit. Some common and locally available materials that are used in different DIY homemade pregnancy test includes bleach, soap, vinegar, sugar, wine, dandelion leaves, etc.

All of them are very cheaper by cost so you don’t have to bother if you can’t afford those expensive diagnostic tests.

Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

Maintain Your Privacy

Maintaining your privacy is the biggest factor or cause that makes these homemade pregnancy test measures so popular and beneficial for everyone.

Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

It happens many times that we don’t want to reveal our secret with everyone at present or we are not yet ready to welcome a new member in our life.

Under such circumstances getting such private test report via these DIY measures really proves as our life savior which is hardly possible when you visit a diagnostic center to keep your privacy within yourself only.

Develop Accurate Results

The test report developed by the DIY pregnancy test measures is very much accurate as it works on the same principle as any commercial pregnancy tester or a diagnostic center testing method follows. It also looks for the hCG hormones existence in urine to reflect your pregnancy report either positive or negative.

Moreover, you can easily check these results. The result will appear in the form of color or formation change of the used materials in this DIY pregnancy test measure at the very early stages of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

Very Much Reliable

As the report generated by the DIY pregnancy test measures are very accurate enough so it develops the reliability factor for its user. Means they can trust this report and accordingly can plan their lifestyle to remain healthy throughout this journey.
Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

Like this reliable home, pregnancy test report enable you to set a healthy routine in your life by eating healthy, practicing exercises and avoiding all strenuous activities that can harm your baby’s health.

People who live in remote places and can’t reach to doctors or avail immediate medical pregnancy testing kits can use these homemade pregnancy test measures considering it a reliable and safe method for them.

No doubt the homemade pregnancy test with dandelion leaves contains all the features or benefit of the DIY pregnancy test methods. However it is always advised for the ultimate result and to start with your further treatment plan regarding your pregnancy, get professional medical help.
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