Get Rid of Fatty Liver Disease: Diet, Supplement & Lifestyle Tips


The liver is one of the important organs of the human body which helps to detoxify wastage's and breaks unwanted body fat by releasing it through different processes such as bowel movements etc. 

However if for certain reason this normal function of liver gets obstructed then instead of releasing unnecessary fat from the body, it starts to accumulate fat especially in liver cells and in the whole body. However, by following tips to get rid of a fatty liver issue you can easily reduce your excess liver fat and unwanted body weight.

 Fatty Liver Disease

People who drink alcohol excessively are the primary victims of a fatty liver disease which is spreading like an epidemic around the world. Apart from these, two very common plus major health issues are quite linked to give a boost to this health problem which is type 2 diabetes and obesity.

As the number of diabetes and obesity patients are increasing every year in a very huge quantity likewise the patients of the fatty liver problem are also increasing year by year. However, it is not necessary that all fatty liver patients suffer from diabetes or obesity concerns or are sure sort alcoholic people.

Initially, this health problem doesn’t develop any major symptoms in the affected person. However, its treatment should be started on time otherwise an untreated liver health problem may cause to develop much chronic and life-threatening health condition in the future.

If you are the one who has tried all major steps to reduce your weight and still not getting any desirable reduction in your body weight especially in your abdomen then there is a possibility that your liver is affected with this health problem i.e. fatty liver issue.

So if this is the case for you then here you will get all necessary solution for your health problem which will help you not only to recover from your liver problem but will also ensure that you could lose your fat as early as it is possible with some smart and effective moves mentioned in this article.

Causes of Fatty Liver

Before starting the treatment and remedies to relieve fatty liver issue it is very important that you understand at what circumstances and under what condition this health problem develops.

The fatty liver problem occurs when an excess amount of fat builds up in the liver cells. Though these cells already have a little amount of fat in it but excess to that limit is not normal. As per the health specialists, a liver will be considered as fatty if its fat content exceeds by 5% in quantity.

Anyone can develop this health problem including children as well to some extent but it is primarily associated with middle-aged people especially men who have heavy fat in the belly. Some common factors which can cause to develop fatty liver health problem are mentioned below.

Excess Alcohol Intake and Smoking

Alcohol is the primary factor that directly affects the liver health especially when it is taken in excessive doses. It hampers the normal functionality of liver resulting in fat started to accumulate especially in the belly area of the body.

People who are alcoholic are the highest victim of the fatty liver issue which slowly turns to get more chronic with time. Apart from alcohol consumption, smoking is also linked with the liver problem such as fatty liver issue. So people who smoke a lot or a chain smoker can easily develop this health problem.


People who are obese or overweight are the second largest victim of fatty liver problem. That means people who have excess body fat can easily develop this health issue if weight is not controlled in time.

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or NAFLD is very common in obese or overweight people. This happens because excess body weight promotes low-grade inflammation which causes fat storage in the liver.

It is seen in researches that with weight loss people also lose their fat over liver which is excessive than the normal amount. On the other hand, people who already have excess body weight or have gained sudden weight in their body, the fatty liver problem is very common to them.

Insulin Resistance Problem

People whose body is affected with insulin resistance problem can easily promote the fat accumulation in the liver resulting in fatty liver problem occurs. This is the reason why type 2 diabetes patients and metabolic syndrome patients are found suffering from the fatty liver problem.

High Consumption of Sugary Beverages

People who consume sugary drinks or beverages in a very excess amount can develop a fatty liver health problem. This happens because sugary beverages like soft drinks or energy drinks contain a high value of fructose which leads to accumulating fat in the liver.

Excess Amount of Refined Carbs Consumption

Refined carbs are not at all good for the overall health of a person. So people who consume these unhealthy food products in excess amount damages their liver health directly as it leads to promote fat accumulation in the liver.

This issue gets severe if people with a health issue like insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes eat these refined carbs as their body fails to detoxify them leading to fat growth in the liver.

Excess Abdominal Fat

People whose waistline is excess than their overall body structure mean their abdominal area contains excess fat then they can easily develop fatty liver problem whether they are obese or not.

Bad Gut Health

People whose gut health is imbalanced or suffers from some especial gut impairment problem can develop the fatty liver problem as in the lack of proper gut functioning their fat started to get accumulated in the liver. This condition comes in the category of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or NAFLD.

Tips to Get Rid Of Fatty Liver Issue and Weight Reduction

Weight ReductionThe liver is an important organ of your body whose functionality regulates your overall health as well as your body weight too. It is a multitasking organ which filters all toxins existing in your body such as alcohol, medications, nutrient byproducts etc.

This way it helps in the digestive function in the body by producing a necessary component for food break downs as well as for its absorption in the body. Along with this it also regulates insulin, glucose, blood pressure, immunity, blood cholesterol production and its removal etc.

With all these major functionality and regulation work the liver needs special attention and care. So when such care is not provided to this vital organ and people started to eat foods and beverages which can directly impact to liver then toxic residues stated to build up leading to inflammation which in turn promotes obesity.

If this condition develops then in spite of hardcore exercise and calorie restricted diet chart instead of losing weight people either fail to lose their stubborn fat or gain more fat in the body. So to overcome this issue below we have enlisted some tips that will help you to get rid of the fatty liver issue and for weight reduction.

Eat Those Food Products that Aids in Loss of Liver Fat

It is been proved in researches that some food items are good for liver especially if it has a fatty liver concern. These foods help to reduce fat existing in the liver and promotes the functionality of the liver organ in a normal way.

Some of the foods that promote loss of liver fat include whey protein, mono-saturated fats, soluble fiber, green tea etc. As per the reports when you eat more whey protein you ensures approx. 20% reduction in liver fat.

Apart from this, it is effective in treating much more chronic liver diseases too. Also, whey protein reduces the liver enzyme level which is good for liver health. For enhancing your liver health you can eat foods rich in mono-saturated fats such as nuts, olive oil, avocados etc.

For reducing your liver fat and liver enzymes levels and for increasing insulin sensitivity you must eat at least 10 to 14 grams of soluble fiber every day. Another healthy way for reducing your liver fat and weight reduction is green tea.

There are several benefits of drinking green tea out of then boosting your liver health is one. The antioxidant component of green tea helps to reduce liver fat and inflammation in the condition of NAFLD.

Eat Foods that Promotes the Feeling of Fullness

One common mistake that people who are willing to lose weight do in their rush of faster weight loss is lesser eating than their usual meal count and quantity. However, this brings no positive output rather it provokes you to eat unhealthy snacks and fatty foods which ultimately promote more weight gain.

So as a smart move you should include only those food products in your daily routine which can bring a feeling of fullness for you for a very long duration. In order to ensure this, you should focus on eating high fiber, protein and healthy fat-rich foods only.

These foods will suppress your hunger for a very long duration by keeping your stomach full in a healthy way without putting much effect on your weight.

This is very important especially if you have a fatty liver concern as by keeping your stomach full these healthy foods will prevent many issues which are common and usual in people with the fatty liver problem such as sugar cravings, hypoglycemia, fatigue, foggy head etc.

Whey protein powder is a healthy protein supplement food enriched with the satiating feature. This prevents your sugar cravings by promoting the feeling of fullness for several hours. While eating non-vegetarian sources of protein like fish, red meat, poultry meat etc. make sure that you choose palm and half sized protein only.

Similar to protein-rich foods, good fat enriched foods are also another source of a healthy meal for promoting your feeling of fullness for a longer duration. Some good fat sources include nuts, seeds, olive oil, salmon fish, avocados and omega 3 fatty acids etc.

Avoid Eating Carbohydrates, Sugar and Bad Fats

It is the quality of food that you eat every day is responsible for your fatty liver problem which in turn further creates difficulty in weight loss along with developing other health concerns. Foods which causes to promote the fatty liver concern include carbohydrates, sugar, and bad fats rich diets.

When you consume these foods in excess limit then your liver gradually fails in the processing of these food products leading to accumulation of fat in the liver. So for reducing your fatty liver problem try to avoid eating foods rich in carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread, flour, sugar, breakfast cereals, potatoes etc.

Highly fried foods, as well as packaged foods available in the market, are also unhealthy for you such as chips, cookies, crackers, crisps etc. Likewise, foods prepared with omega 6 rich vegetable or cooking oil is also unhealthy for your liver health as your liver can easily convert them in to fat.

Avoid Eating Refined Carbs

Researches on the effect of dietary sources for promoting liver fat says that people who consume high calories and refined carbs easily promote their liver fat within a few days. Here it was found that the rate of liver fat gain was much higher than the overall body weight gain which simply depicts the harmful and direct effect of these foods.

So for reducing your liver fat as well as your overall body weight you must avoid eating carbs especially refined carbs in your daily meal plan. By implementing this healthy diet routine you can discover sudden improvement and changes in your liver health along with goodness for your overall health.

People who fall in the category of NAFLD have seen a great reduction in their fatty liver concern by including low carb foods, low glycemic index diet and Mediterranean diets in their meal.

Both Mediterranean and low carb foods are effective in reducing insulin resistance and liver fat. However, the study shows that the impact of Mediterranean foods is much greater than the low carb food for both the issues including fatty liver problem and for reducing weight.

So if you want to get rid of your fatty liver health concern and reduce your weight faster then avoid eating high card or refined carb food sources.

Drink a Good Quality Liver Tonic

For speeding up your weight loss plan and for detoxifying your liver to ensure excess liver fat reduction, along with eating other good meals you must include a good quality liver tonic in your health plan.

This tonic is specially formulated for promoting liver health that is why it easily burns the excess fat existing on your liver and also detoxifies the bloodstream. Moreover, it will keep you energetic and healthy which is very important for your weight loss plan for performing workouts and other physical activities.

Exercise Enough to Reduce Liver Fat

Physical activities like exercising are the best effective way to reduce your liver fat. In this context, high endurance or resistance training is best for your purpose. These exercises will bring a drastic reduction in your excess live fat and stabilize the liver health to the normal condition.

However, you have to be very consistent with it in order to get your desired result at the fastest possible time. One study shows that people who exercise for 5 days in a week experienced a very dramatic reduction in their liver fat though the overall weight reduction rate was not so impressive.

Likewise, HIIT training is beneficial for people who fall into the category of NAFLD and diabetes for reducing insulin resistance and liver fat reduction. Though low-intensity workout is also beneficial for your liver health however its result will not be shown in a very short duration.

It was found in a study on people who used to do low to moderate intensity workout 2 days in a week that they managed to reduce their liver fat in a year. So to get rid of your liver fat problem both low to high-intensity workouts are effective but it should be maintained consistently.

All the above-mentioned tips to get rid of a fatty liver issue are very safe and effective which will relieve you from both the issues including fatty liver and over body weight as both the concerns go hands-on hand.

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