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Supination Lift Test: Clinical Physiotherapy

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Supination Lift Test helps to determine whether pathology is presented in the triangular fibrocartilage complex .

 Supination Lift Test


The ‘‘Supination Lift Test’’ has also been described for localized tear to the peripheral, dorsal Triangular fibrocartilage complex. With this test, pain is reproduced when the patient attempts to lift the examination table with the palm flat on the underside of the table, This forces a load across the TFCC with the wrist supinated and extended, causing dorsal impingement, and is useful in the diagnosis of peripheral, dorsal TFCC tear.


The patient places his/her palms on the undersurface of a table and attempts to lift. Onset of pain upon stabilizing body weight indicates a positive supination Lift test.

This will also result in pain or clicking if the TFCC is involved.

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