Benefits of Not Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Is shaving the pubic hair a hygiene? The answer is "No". Some people feel shaving the pubic hair is a Personal Hygiene. Trimming the pubes is an intimate choice, but there are many disadvantages of shaving the pubes. And in this article, we are going to see in detail why one should not shave the pubic hair.

Whether it’s coming from movies, television, magazines, or people around you, the pressure to have a super smooth bikini line is real.

What you do with your body hair is your choice, and it doesn’t matter if you get rid of it or let it grow, as long as you’re comfortable.

Still, it’s worth saying this: you totally don’t have to shave or wax or do anything with your hair down there! There are a lot of reasons why you don’t need to shave your pubes.

For now, let’s see the seven reasons you don’t need to remove your pubic hair

1. The Real Purpose of Pubic Hair

7 Reasons You Don’t Need to Shave Your Pubes

Pubes are there for a reason. The female reproductive organ i.e. Vagina being the most sensitive part of our body, it is much prone to rashes and itching. Lack of friction may trigger such reactions, making your pubes vulnerable to infections. Avoid razing or shaving them, and let your pubes serve the purpose they have.

2. Pubic Hairs Helps to Fight Against Bacteria

Bacterial infection Removal of Pubic Hair

Pubic hair acts as a barrier against unwanted bacteria and infections. It also protects you against pathogenic bacteria and dust from getting in. So, it’s wise to leave a healthy amount down there and prevent your vagina from unwanted bacterial infection

Pubes may protect against the following infections,

  • Vaginitis
  • Yeast Infections
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Cellulitis

3. Removing Pubic Hair Causes Vagina Itching

Woman Shaving the Pubic Hair

After a fresh shave you may feel the vagina area is soft and clean. But in a few days, as hair starts to grow, you get a bad itchy feeling.

4. Ingrown Hair Issues

Waxing or shaving often leaves ingrown hair into the skin. It’s difficult to remove them, especially from the most sensitive areas like woman's Vagina.

And if not removed, they can actually turn into annoying blackheads and other skin problems. Avoid shaving the pubes to avoid the problem of ingrown hair

5. Pubic Hair Helps to Maintain Vagina Temperature

Vaginal Dryness Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Well, like other parts of the body, pubic area also sweats. The Pubes absorb sweat and moisture from these areas and regulates vaginal temperature and controls unwanted dampness.

6. Reduces Friction During Sex

Great Sex Pleasure

The skin on your genital region is delicate. Pubes act like a protective buffer, reducing friction during sex and other activities.

Some even refer to pubic hair as a “dry lubricant.” That’s because it’s easier to rub hair against hair than it is to rub skin against skin.

Pubes may also keep the genitals warm, which is an important factor in sexual arousal.

7. Reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Though it is not a fool proof solution but pubic hair traps bacteria and other harmful infections up to a great extent.

This way you can avoid direct contact of harmful bacteria with your skin. Also keeping them clean helps prevent many infections.


We have highlighted some of the reasons why is's better to have a hairy vagina. Whether a person chooses to remove none, all, or some of their pubes  is a personal choice

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