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Breast Massage - Why And How To Do It, Health Benefits

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Here is why you should massage your breasts

You apply sheet masks for skincare, workout to tone the whole body and meditate to calm your mind. Sadly, this courtesy is not extended to breasts which continue to remain one of the most neglected body parts when it comes to self-care. Even a typical body massage does not cover breast massage as a lot of people are not comfortable with strangers touching their boobs.

Contrary to popular opinion, massaging the twins is not only linked to sexual stimulation but also has a host of health benefits. In addition to being relaxing, a good breast massage can also prove helpful in keeping your bosoms in good health. In fact, a traditional ayurvedic massage includes massaging the breasts to promote healthy breast tissue and increase the blood flow, keeping your bosoms in a good shape.


​Why do we need a breast massage

Lymphatic drainage

A lot of women fail to understand the importance of showing some love to their twins. When you wear restrictive clothing like bra, the movement of the lymphatic fluid is hampered. This is why it is important to stimulate the underarm and chest regions and drain the stagnant lymph fluid.

Keeps the breast tissue supple

Regular massaging of breasts also prevents sagging. It firms the breast muscles and keeps the twins toned.

​Prevention of breast cancer

Malignant cells can often form a knot in your breast leading to lumps. When external pressure is applied during the early stages of this knot formation, it can force the cells to go back to their original form. This may also help in reducing the risk of cancer.

When you make it a habit to massage your bosoms at the end of the day, you may notice if anything feels different or if there is any unexplained pain or knot.

How can you massage your breasts at home

If you are not comfortable with exposing your ta-tas in front of a stranger, fret not, you can do it on your own. While it can be done with or without any oil, you need to warm your hands by rubbing them together.

Even though you can choose any oil to massage your twins, we suggest choosing from almond oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil and castor oil to avail maximum benefits. You also need to find a quiet place, where you can enjoy the whole process of giving some self-care to your boobs.

Massage your breasts

Take a quick shower before the massage and begin by gently place your hands on your breasts and massaging inwards in a circular motion. If you do not feel like taking a shower, you can warm your bosoms with a hot towel.

Gently, yet firmly massage your breasts in a circular motion. This should be done in an upward and outward movement. The circuit of this massage should be breasts going towards your face and then towards the outline of your breasts. Do this for 36 repetitions in both upward and downward direction.

Gauge your tolerance of pain and maintain the pressure of the strokes accordingly. Make sure to cover the entire skin above and below the breasts and your underarms with whatever oil or cream you are using. You should also massage your neck and the sides of the throat, going up to the base of the ears.

​Is there any risk of massaging your breasts?

There is no risk in massaging your breasts. If you had breast surgery then be gentle around that area. If you are not sure of performing the exercise on your own then contact a licensed massage therapist.

​​Does breast size changes?

It is believed that massaging can increase breast size, firmness, or skin elasticity. However, there is no scientific evidence to back this claim. On the contrary, a study suggests that it can reduce stretch marks during pregnancy.

​The bottom line

Breast massage may provide relief from different kinds of health conditions. It can also help detect breast cancer at an early stage and save your life. So, do it for your own good.

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