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Shocking Underwear Mistakes that can Harm your Genitals

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Are you wearing a tight underwear? It is highly harmful for your health. The underwear covers your sensitive reproductive organ and it is high time you give attention to it. The vagina is very sensitive and one must always wear right size panties. Else, these underwear mistakes can mess up your Vagina health

Shocking Underwear Mistakes that can Harm your Vagina Health

Some of us might think that this habit is a harmless one but let us tell you it's not. Here is a list of five underwear mistakes that can be harmful to our health.

Avoid Smaller Size Panties

Shocking Underwear Mistakes

When it comes to Lingerie size the rule is simple "Wear the Correct Size Bra and Panties". If you wear a smaller size panties it causes skin irritation or rashes around your hip region. Not only that, the vagina cannot breathe. A tight panties can make your privates sweaty and hot.

In short, it increases irritation as well as your chances of getting a vaginal infection. A tight panties can also trigger symptoms of a painful condition called vulvodynia.

Thus, always choose underwear that fits you properly - neither too tight nor too loose.

Advantages of Wearing Cotton Panties

Girl Cotton Panties

It is always advisable to go for Comfy Cotton fabric Panties for daily use. The cotton underwear absorbs sweat and helps to keep the vagina fresh and free from infection.

According to a study published in 2018 in Obstetrics and Gynecology, wearing underwears that do not have cotton fabric at the crotch area increases your risk of yeast infection. Fabrics like polyester and synthetic can mess your vaginal health. Since these fabrics are not water absorbent and create an environment for bacteria and fungus to multiply.

Bacterial infection

Cotton fabric has the ability to reduce moisture. Thus, women who wear cotton panties have lower chances of getting a vaginal infection.

Don't Ignore the Panty Stains

You need to keep an eye on the colour of discharge on your underwear. Anything from clear to white colour is normal but a greenish or grey discharge can be a sign of bacterial vaginosis. It's an infection caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that lives in the vagina. The discharge looks foamy, cottage-cheesy texture or pus-like.

A little vaginal odour is normal but a foul or strong smell indicates infection. Thus, do keep an eye on the colour of the stains on your panties.

Be Careful with Fragrant Detergents

The Vagina is very sensitive and thus can easily get irritated by perfumes used in the detergent. The chemicals in the detergent can cause irritation and burn. While some women are more sensitive than others but overall scented detergents can cause itching and irritation. So, avoid using scented detergents to wash your underwear.

Thongs - A Big Underwear Mistake for Daily Use

Wanna be sexy on the beach or have sex? Then go for Thongs. The thongs don't have visible panty lines, so women generally prefer it for daily use, especially for office.

The thongs provide a direct way for bacteria to travel from back to front. This increases your chance of catching an vaginal infection.

Many thongs come in lace, silk and polyester fabric, which makes it even more uncomfortable. We strongly advice to go for cotton underwear on normal days.


A simple tip – choose the right type of panties for the right occasion. Example: You can wear thongs for the beach but not for daily use.

If you are serious about your health, go for cotton fabric comfy panties for daily use.

Beware of these underwear mistakes and have a healthy vagina

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