Undescended Testicle (Orchiopexy) Repair Surgery

Orchiopexy (or orchidopexy) is a surgery to move an undescended (cryptorchid) testicle into the scrotum and permanently fix it there. Orchiopexy typically also describes the surgery used to resolve testicular torsion. The rate of success of orchiopexy is very high.


Why would someone need orchiopexy?

There are two situations that require orchiopexy to correct, undescended testicle and testicular torsion. Typically, undescended testicles are corrected early in childhood to prevent future complications such as infertility and increased risk of testicular cancer.

What happens before orchiopexy?
Patients preparing for orchipexy should not eat or drink anything the midnight the night before surgery. If prescribed medication to take the day of, the patient should take them with a small sip of water.

What happens during orchiopexy?

Orchiopexy patients undergo general anesthesia so that they will not feel pain or be conscious during the surgery. The surgeon will make a small incision in the groin (near the testicle) and locate the testicle to be repaired. The testicle is examined and then placed into the scrotum.

What happens after orchiopexy?

After orchiopexy, the patient is guided into a recovery room and monitored for complications. Typically, the stay in the hospital is very short and most patients are released the same day, but this depends on the patient. It is important for patients to take it easy for a few weeks after surgery to ensure proper healing. Particularly in young boys who like to play sports or games that could risk injury to the newly repaired testicle.
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