Five Types of Meditation: Know Which One is Ideal for You

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Practicing meditation is probably the best way to relax your body and your mind. With its relaxing and soothing aftereffects, meditation is recommended for a healthy and peaceful living. But do you know there are several types of meditations and each type is meant to target different parts of the body. Here are six different types of meditations from which you can choose which one is the best for you.

Breath awareness meditation

This meditation come with its benefits of improving your emotional flexibility, reducing anxiety and helping you focus better. It can be practiced by people of all ages and just requires you to focus on your breathing. Just sit in a quiet room and focus your senses on your breathing. Feel your abdomen and chest rising and falling with every breath. Breath awareness meditation also helps in calming down your mind.

Zen meditation

A part of Buddhist tradition, Zen meditation must always be practiced under the guidance of a trained professional. It involves doing specific steps and postures while practicing Zen meditation. It is said to help in sharpening your mind and also provide you deeper levels of relaxation.

Spiritual meditation

Popular in Hinduism and Christianity, spiritual meditation makes you reflect on the silence around you to form a deeper connection with your God. All you need to do for this meditation is sit in silence and focus on your breath. Each and every thought of yours should focus on your inhale and exhale of breaths. You can focus your attention on your God and not let your mind waver off. This meditation helps in boosting memory along with improving concentration.

Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation has been an important part of both, Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It requires the practitioner to chant a ‘mantra’ or a specific word while practicing it. The repetitive sound of mantra is said to clear the mind and calm it down. Chanting will help you become more alert and take you to deeper levels of awareness. This meditation is meant for people who do not like complete silence while meditating.

Transcendental meditation

As the name suggests, the goal of transcendental meditation is to rise above your current state of being. It is the most popular type of meditation and can be customized with spiritual and mantra meditation. You can choose a mantra for yourself and sit in silence of about 20 minutes while reciting it. Transcendental meditation is said to lower blood pressure, improve sleep and decrease anxiety in people who regularly practice it.


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