Body Part You Didn't Realize Had Names

Following is a list of the body part you didn’t realize had names.

1. Anatomical Snuffbox

Anatomical Snuffbox is a hollow space under your thumb which you can feel if you make a thumbs-up sign.

  • Anatomical Snuffbox got its name during the late 18th and early 19th century.
  • During those periods people used to inhale snuff by placing it on the anatomical snuffbox.
  • Snuff is a smokeless tobacco made from ground tobacco leaves.

2. Acnestis

Ever faced the crisis of not being able to itch a particular part of your ridge? Well, that is the part which goes by the name Acnestis. And no, it has got nothing to do with skin acne. This body part is located near the shoulder blades.

3. Philtrum

Philtrum is the name of Greek origin which literally translates to “love charm”. Philtrum is the groove just above your lips and under the nose. Philtrum is genetically inherited and is developed when the face of an embryo starts to come together.

4. Glabella

Seems like a name straight out of a sci-fi novel, doesn’t it? This is a smooth surface between your eyebrows, usually hidden in people with unibrows.

  • The significance of Glabella is it is used to check for dehydration symptoms in a person. If the skin around glabella is pinched and it doesn’t return to its normal shape, then this is an indication of dehydration in a patient.

5. Rasceta

Rasceta is the transverse crease of the skin of the wrist. This is more popularly known as skin-folds.

6. Antitragus

Yeah, this is an intimidating name indeed. This is a cartilage projection situated across the ear flap (known as tragus).

7. Lingual Frenulum

The small tissues extending from the base of your jaw to the tongue is what we call lingual frenulum.

8. Suprasternal Notch

No, it’s not like with the recent fad started by iPhone X to put a notch on the screen, that we decided to invent a name of our own with a “notch” in it. This is a visible depression between the neck and the two collarbones.

9. Columella Nasi

“Where the nose meets the face”, not a slogan from a movie, it is the columella nasi, a thin skin connecting the nose with the face, just above the lips.

10. Niddick

No, this is not the sequel to the 2013 sci-fi starring Vin Diesel, Riddick. This is what the nape of the neck is called in some parts of England.

11. Pate

The top of the head or the crown of the head is known as pate.

12. Lunula

The white crescent-shaped part of the nail is called lunula. In Latin, lunula means little moon, which fits perfectly in this situation.

Take Away

The main point you can take away from this article is, that the body is a complicated machine and it is unnecessary for you to remember names of each and every part. Just take good care of it and it’ll take good care of you in return.

Dr Rohit Bhaskar, Physio
Dr Rohit Bhaskar, Physio Hey, I am founder of Bhaskar Health and completed my Graduation in Physiotherapy from Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences. My clinical interests are in Chest Physiotherapy, stroke rehab, parkinson’s and head injury rehab.

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