How to Get Your Kids to Wear Their Glasses

A young girl wearing glasses

If your child has vision problems, wearing glasses can be a simple solution to help ensure they don’t fall behind in school or miss out on activities. However, actually getting kids to wear their glasses may be easier said than done.


1. Let kids pick their own frames

This is one of the best ways you can encourage your child to wear their glasses, as it allows them to have some control over the situation. If your kid likes the way their frames look, they’re more likely to feel comfortable wearing them in public and may even be excited to show them off.


2. Set incremental daily goals

It often takes time to adjust to the feeling of wearing glasses every day. Rather than insist that your child wear theirs all the time, start by setting small goals such as 30 minutes a day and work toward a full day. Be sure to congratulate your child whenever they achieve a daily goal, and consider offering rewards for certain milestones.


3. Regularly check how they fit

If your child’s glasses don’t fit properly, they’ll be less likely to feel comfortable wearing them. Plus, ill-fitting glasses are more likely to fall off and break. Therefore, it’s important to routinely check that your child’s frames aren’t too loose or too tight. In fact, this is a habit you should maintain even after they get used to wearing their glasses.


4. Find role models who wear glasses

Your child will probably feel more confident wearing their glasses knowing that people they admire also wear glasses. These can be celebrities, fictional characters, people in your community or family members who your child looks up to. If possible, ask one of these people to talk to your kid about what it’s like to wear glasses.


5. Be supportive and consistent

By helping your child set goals and stick to them, you can help make the transition to wearing glasses easier. Establishing a consistent schedule for using them and a clear reward system can be very effective. Remember to also be compassionate and talk to your child about how tough it can be to adjust to something new

Dr Rohit Bhaskar, Physio
Dr Rohit Bhaskar, Physio Hey, I am founder of Bhaskar Health and completed my Graduation in Physiotherapy from Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences. My clinical interests are in Chest Physiotherapy, stroke rehab, parkinson’s and head injury rehab.

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