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Reproductive health is a state of complete, social, physical and mental well-being, and not just the absence of disease, in all the matters related to reproductive system, its processes and functions. It focuses on all the aspects of human reproduction.

Given below are the reproductive health mcqs with answers for reference. These will help broaden the conceptual knowledge of the students.

Reproductive Health MCQs

1. Which Artificial Reproductive Technique can help a lady conceive a child if both her fallopian tubes are blocked?

  1. SUZI
  2. IVF
  3. ZIFT
  4. GIFT

2. Which of the following is not a copper releasing IUD?

  1. LNG 20
  2. CuT
  3. Lippes Loop
  4. a and c

3. Which of the following is not the characteristic of an ideal contraceptive?

  1. Irreversible
  2. Easily available
  3. User friendly
  4. Effective with least side effects

4. What is the expansion for MTP?

  1. Medical Termination of Parturition
  2. Mechanical Transfer of Pollen
  3. Medical Termination of Pregnancy
  4. Maternally Transmitted Pathogens

5. Amniocentesis is a process used to

  1. Growing cells on culture media
  2. Know about brain disease
  3. Determine mutations
  4. Determine a disease of the embryo

6. The function of Copper-T is

  1. Stop gastrulation
  2. Stop cleavage
  3. Check mutation
  4. Stop fertilization

7. What is the shape of the growth curve?

  1. S shaped
  2. V shaped
  3. C shaped
  4. J shaped

8. Which part of the female reproductive system remains blocked after tubectomy?

  1. Fallopian tube
  2. Oviduct
  3. Cervix
  4. Uterine cavity

9. A widely accepted method of contraception in India is

  1. IUDs
  2. Diaphragms
  3. Tubectomy
  4. Cervical caps

10. By which name is family planning currently known as?

  1. Reproductive and child care
  2. Family and child care
  3. Reproductive and child health
  4. Reproductive and child health care

11. What problems in reproductive health care require doctor’s help?

  1. STDs
  2. Conception, parturition and abortion
  3. Contraception, infertility, menstruation problem
  4. All

12. In IVF technique zygote or early embryo is transferred into

  1. Cervical canal
  2. Uterus
  3. Fallopian tube
  4. Vagina

13. The programs to get total reproductive health as a social goal of national level are called

  1. Family organisation
  2. Family planning
  3. Family care
  4. Reproductive care

14. Test tube baby implies which of the following techniques?

  1. IUI
  2. ICSI
  3. GIFT
  4. ZIFT

15. Which technique is used to detect AIDS?

  1. Northern blot and ELISA
  2. Immunoblot and ELISA
  3. Western blot and ELISA
  4. Southern blot and ELISA

Answer Key

1- b2- d3- a4- c5- d
6- d7- a8- a9- a10- d
11- d12- c13- b14- d15- c
Reproductive Health


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