MCQs On Immunology

1) The branch of biology, which involves the study of immune systems in all organisms is called_________.

(a) Zoology

(b) Microbiology

(c) Immunology

(d) Biotechnology

Sol: (c) Immunology.

2) Which of the following immunity is obtained during a lifetime?

(a) Acquired immunity

(b) Active immunity

(c) Passive immunity

(d) None of the above.

Sol: (a) Acquired immunity

3) How many types of antibodies are there?

(a) Five.

(b) Three.

(c) Two.

(d) Four.

Sol: (a) Five.

4) Which of the following cells is involved in cell-mediated immunity?

(a) Leukaemia

(b) T cells

(c) Mast cells

(d) Thrombocytes

Sol: (b) T cells.

5) Which of the following protects our body against disease-causing pathogens?

(a) Respiratory system

(b) Immune system

(c) Digestive system

(d) Respiratory system

Sol: (b) Immune system.

6) Hepatitis is an example of _______.

(a) Subunit Vaccine

(b) Killer Vaccine

(c) Toxoids Vaccine

(d) Recombinant Vaccine

Sol: (d) Recombinant Vaccine.

7) Which of the following statements is true about the IgM of humans?

(a) IgM can cross the placenta

(b) IgM can protect the mucosal surface

(c) IgM is produced by high-affinity plasma cells

(d) IgM is primarily restricted in the circulation

Sol:(d) IgM is primarily restricted in the circulation.

8) Interferons are

(a) Cytokine barriers

(b) Physical barriers

(c) Cellular barriers

(d) Physiological barriers

Sol: (a) Cytokine barriers.

9) Which of the following cells of the immune system do not perform phagocytosis?

(a) Macrophage

(b) Neutrophil

(c) Eosinophil

(d) Basophil

Sol: (d) Basophil

10) Monocytes differentiate into which kind of phagocytic cells?

(a) Neutrophil

(b) B cell

(c) Macrophage

(d) T cell

Sol: (c) Macrophage.

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