Doctorate of Medicine [MD] Community Medicine

MD Community Medicine is a 3 years course that is focused on the health of the members of a community, municipality or any particular region. It prepares students to work for the health needs of the society take the responsibilities to carry out professional obligations ethically. 

This course focuses on the biological and chemical components of the foods we eat and the role of individual nutrients in maintaining health. It also covers digestion and metabolic function and considers how nutrition is affected by the way consumers plan meals, select, store and prepares their food.

Nutritional therapy and practices for promoting healthy eating in various groups and settings are also covered. This course focuses on the way the body metabolizes different essential food groups and how this affects human health. Students will study the biochemistry involved in human metabolism, and discover how our metabolic process influences health and disease.

The average annual fees for this course in India will be INR 55,000 to 40 Lacs. The average salary for the roles that got the job by studying this course will be INR 4 to 24 Lacs.

Dr Rohit Bhaskar, Physio
Dr Rohit Bhaskar, Physio Dr. Rohit Bhaskar, Physio is Founder of Bhaskar Health and Physiotherapy and is also a consulting physiotherapist. He completed his Graduation in Physiotherapy from Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences. His clinical interests are in Chest Physiotherapy, stroke rehab, parkinson’s and head injury rehab. Bhaskar Health is dedicated to readers, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Bhaskar Health audience is the reason I feel so passionate about this project, so thanks for reading and sharing Bhaskar Health.

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