World Mental Health Day 2021: Theme

The theme of World Mental Health Day 2021 is "Mental Health in an Unequal World." The theme focuses that access to mental health services remains unequal. 

Between 75% to 95% of people suffering from mental disorders mainly in low and middle-income countries not able to access mental health services at all, and on the other hand access in high-income countries is not much better. 

Mental Health

World Mental Health Day 2021: Campaign Slogan

The campaign slogan of World Mental Health Day 2021 is "Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality." 

World Mental Health Day 2021: History

The first time World Mental Health Day was observed on October 10, 1992. The day was started as an annual activity of the World Federation for Mental Health by the then Deputy Secretary-General Richard Hunter. Officially, the day is commemorated on October 10 every year. 

Initially, the day did not have a specific theme and its objective was to promote mental health advocacy and educate people on relevant issues.

Secretary-General Eugene Brody suggested a theme in 1994 for the first time for World Mental Health Day and so it was used for the first time. The theme was "Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World.”

World Mental Health Day 2021: Key facts

  • Around one billion people are suffering from mental disorders and anyone, anywhere can be affected.
  • Worldwide, depression is a leading cause of disability and is a major contributor to the overall burden of disease globally. It is estimated that 5% of adults suffer from depression across the world.
  • One in seven experience mental disorders worldwide from age 10 to 19 years old. As per WHO, half of all such disorders start by age 14 years but most are undetected and untreated. 
  • People suffering from severe mental disorders like schizophrenia tend to die 10-20 years earlier than the general population.
  • One in every 100 deaths occurred due to suicide. It is the fourth leading cause of death for young people aged 15-29 years.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on the mental health of people. 

World Mental Health Day: List of Themes

1996 - Women and Mental Health
1997 - Children and Mental Health
1998 - Mental Health and Human Rights
1999 - Mental Health and Ageing
2000-2001 - Mental Health and Work
2002 - The Effects of Trauma and Violence on Children & Adolescents
2003 - Emotional and Behavioural Disorders of Children & Adolescents
2004 - The Relationship Between Physical & Mental Health: co-occurring disorders
2005 - Mental and Physical Health Across the Life Span
2006 - Building Awareness – Reducing Risk: Mental Illness & Suicide
2007  -Mental Health in A Changing World: The Impact of Culture and Diversity
2008-  Making Mental Health a Global Priority: Scaling up Services through Citizen Advocacy and Action
2009 - Mental Health in Primary Care: Enhancing Treatment and Promoting Mental Health
2010 - Mental Health and Chronic Physical Illnesses
2011 - The Great Push: Investing in Mental Health
2012 - Depression: A Global Crisis
2013 - Mental Health and Older Adults
2014 - Living with Schizophrenia
2015 - Dignity in Mental Health
2016 - Psychological and Mental Health First Aid
2017 - Mental Health in the Workplace
2018 - Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World
2019 - Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention

2020 - Move for mental health: Let´s invest!