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Are Protein Powders Safe?

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Protein powder is popular amongst athletes and fitness gurus for helping build muscle and boost physical performance. But, protein powder isn't only for exercise and sports. Many rely on protein powder to help meet daily protein needs, gain or lose weight, or recover from injury or surgery. PROTEIN POWDER is a dietary supplement made from extracting animal and plant foods.

Plant-based protein

The ever-increasing trend of plant-based food products has created a demand for plant-based protein powders. You can find many plant-based protein supplements today, including pea, hemp, pumpkin soy, algae, and rice protein powders. These products are great for those with dairy allergies.

Pros of protein powders

  • It helps with weight management
  • It promotes muscle growth
  • Prevents muscle loss in older adults
  • It's fit for every health goal

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