Frozen Shoulder Chiropractic Care Treatment

Treat? Sure, anything can “treat” frozen shoulders. It doesn’t mean it can cure it, however, and I have yet to see any scientific evidence that supports the use of chiropractics over any other type of medical intervention. Frozen shoulder typically lasts on average for about 14 months and will resolve on its own, and despite the numerous amount of research being done into this diagnosis, it is still unknown why this happens. We do know that it is more prevalent in females, and those who have a medical history of diabetes, but that’s about it.

I have had patient’s who have tried chiropractics before to cure their frozen shoulder and it didn’t work. A majority went through some variation of this formula: mobilization, massage, heat/ice, electrical stimulation for a prolonged period of time, and yet did not have significant improvements since the core issue is the tightness that is in the shoulder capsule itself.

As a physical therapist, do I discourage it? Absolutely not. If it brings the patient relief, I’m all for it. Some patients may get some temporarily relief from it, but from the majority of patient’s that I’ve worked with, I’d have to say that it did not cure their issue.