Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Treatment

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First the cons:

Repeatedly rotating a vertebrae past its intended range of motion causes wear on the bone protrusion which is supposed to limit the range of movement. If done enough times, that will lead to osteoarthritis. Repeated adjustments should not include such strong rotations.

Occasionally, an adjustment can induce a stroke; rare but it does occur.

The pros:

The spinal manipulations can ‘convince’ a chronically tight/spasming muscle to relax, thus relieving pressure on a pinched nerve. Some of those muscles don’t respond to massage.

Spinal alignment is important for good posture. I try to keep my spine aligned through proper physical form during exercise. That is more gentle on the vertebral joints than adjustments. If that isn’t helping, then I get shiatsu massage. If that isn’t working, THEN I will go for an adjustment.

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