What are the Best Health and Fitness Tips?

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It is proven that “Health is Wealth”. While people are so busy in their lives and do not get time to take care of their health and fitness regime, to develop a healthy lifestyle, one needs to focus on a combined effort of exercise and eating right.

People who make healthy diet and fitness, a part of their daily routine are more determined. However, if you do not tend to stick on fixed routine, you can begin with little effort.

In order to shape your health in an appropriate manner by including a good diet and exercising or a fitness regime on a regular basis, check out these Top Tips to Maintain Health and Fitness to keep yourself and your loved ones fit and fine.

Tip 1: Create a List

One effective way of staying focused on being healthy and fit, is to create a list of everything you would want to do in your free time, be it watching a movie or skipping. Start creating a list when numbered items or things to do in terms of highest priority. Start from the top working your way to the bottom.

Once you finish this activity, you will find yourself with a list of activities you actually value and care about performing. Choose to complete at least three of the items on the list per day, even if it is just for 10-15 minutes. It will help you be more focused and persistent towards accomplishing your daily goals of staying healthy and fit.

Tip 2: Learning Quick Nutritional Recipes

Oven-heated food is only good when you are having an awful day or you have arrived home late at night. But on other days of the week, make sure you do not reach out for unhealthy conventional food items, instead learn some super quick recipes full of nutritional value to give you instant energy with good taste.

A healthy beetroot & chicken salad with feta cheese will only take you 10 minutes to prepare but it is worth it. It is important to maintain a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, proteins and healthy fats such as fish oil and flaxseeds.

Tips 3: Incorporate Active Lifestyle

If you are super busy to include a workout like dance or a proper gym session in your daily routine, it is essential to include certain exercises into your lifestyle in order to stay fit and to continuously work your muscles and body.

For example, you can take stairs instead of the lift, or carry shopping bags home rather than driving back home, or you could just meet a friend over a swim session instead of coffee.

Tip 4: Say Goodbye to Peer Pressure

It is really important to stay focused and not go haywire when you are with your friends or colleagues. Once you start eating healthy, and you are around people who do not have the same eating habits as yours, one tends to slip and be influenced by their peers over a pizza night or a Saturday night over.

You need to stay focused, for example, rather than a pizza, you might want to order a pie full of veggies and cheese along with a side of salad or maybe swap the brownies and cake with baked pears with cinnamon or fruit-n-nut muffins.

Tip 5: Sleep Well

One of the easiest things to do is sleep properly. While 8 hours might be a luxury for people with busy schedule, 6-7 hours of sleep is vital. After a productive day at home post cooking and cleaning or at work, or even at the gym, you need to give rest to your body for its physical and mental well-being.

According to 2016 survey, people who did not slept for limited hours tend to eat an extra 400 calories per day on an average. So, clock in those hours and enjoy your deep sleep to the fullest!

Tip 6: Consider the Mental Well-Being

Staying fit and healthy is not only good for the body, but also the mind and the mental well-being of a person. Once you are back home after a long day at work, try to disconnect yourself from the stress and enjoy your hours before sleeping. Pay attention to the workout or sets you perform, or just listen to your favorite playlist while taking a stroll in your garden.

For example, Headspace has partnered with Nike Run Club offering free guided running and mindfulness sessions, which will keep your mind healthy and fit.

Tip 7: Sign Up for an Event

Are you a competitive person? This might be the solution for you. Signing up to events including exercises such as swimming, running or cycling, or regularly following training sessions online is the best way to compete and stay fit at the same time.

Well, of course a 100-mile marathon might not be the best option for beginners, there are several other small events one can participate in and have a good chance at getting rewards.

Tip 8: Get Daily Dose of Vitamin D

According to a study, Vitamin D is important for weight loss, controlling appetite and metabolically activating fat cells. The sun rays help the body to absorb calcium while improving immunity, reducing inflammation and preventing the chances of cancer.

Apart from the UV rays, other sources of Vitamin D are salmon, tuna, cheese, egg yolks, mackerel and beef liver.

Tip 9: Stay Hydrated

The simplest and the most effective way of staying healthy and fit is by staying hydrated at all times. It helps in losing weight, staying healthy and energized. One would drink water to cut off the thirst and hunger as it is believed that water is the best energy drink available.

One way to find out how much water the body needs on a daily basis, it by dividing your body weight (in pounds) by 2, that is how many ounces of water you should drink every day.

Tip 10: Take Photographs as Evidence

One way to keep yourself motivated is by checking out your photos weekly to examine the transformation and the progress you are making by adopting healthy and fitness tips in your life.

While it might take a while to see the change or progress, but once you start to see it, there is no going back. It will only motivate you more and more every day to follow the path of staying healthy and fit.

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