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What are the Health Benefits of Fasting?

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Our body evolved over billions of years from single cell to a complex human being. Along the way nature designed it to work with highest efficiency while also sustaining and growing during difficult encounters.

The primary fuel of energy in our body is glucose and the metabolism ultimately becomes common for glucose, proteins and fats.

When the food is available, the body stores it. When it is not available, the body uses the stored energy to supply for the needs. Because many functions like the brain, heart, kidneys, immune system, lungs etc needs energy for continuous working. If any of them stops, we are dead.

Body does it very efficiently.

  1. Fat is the best way to store energy because it uses the least space and gives maximum energy. 1 gm of fat provides 9 kcal of energy compared to 4 kcal from carbohydrates or proteins.
  2. Body stores fat close to the liver. Since liver is the one to make fat and also break fat. So a person putting in weight always puts on weight around the tummy because it is easily accessible to liver. Efficiency at its best.

A lot of people who come to me for weight reduction tell me, sir I am slim otherwise, it's just the tummy. The problem is the tummy.

Since the body has stored fat for rainy days, it doesn't want to give it up easily. It's like a fixed deposit in the bank which you wouldn't want to liquidate untill you are left with no option.

We try to reduce our expenses, increase our income even borrow from others but not to liquidate the FD.

So next time you are upset that you are not losing weight, remember it is the FD.

If you stay hungry, the body tries to save everything it gets by converting to fat and parallely reducing energy expenses.

One wat to reduce energy expenditure is by making you lethargic. We all feel tired when we fast right ?

The problem is that most people feel tired all the time. It is because of their hormones which have become such that people feel hungry and tired all the time.

Our body is designed to put on fat when we eat and burn fat in between. But the problem is that there is no in between these days. Life is full of abundance and there is no hard work that we are designed to do.

Fasting is not only part of our evolution pathway, it is now even a necessity that has arised for our well being.

How does fasting help ?

Fasting is now found to be anti cancerous too. When our body is under energy stress, it tries to eliminate all inefficiencies. Cancer cells being the most inefficient cells in the body are rationed first.

Cancer cells produce very less energy per glucose molecule compared to normal cells. They are the first target when we fast.

Our organs like pancreas and liver have to work very hard to digest and absorb the continuous supply of food that we provide our body. Our organs are very stressed and over burdened.

People think fatty liver is a normal phenomenon because 8/10 people have it. It is common but not normal. Don't confuse between the two.

It is a simple logic that when you have hormones that make fat you won't have hormones that break fat and vice versa.

So during fasting your hormones that make fat vanish from your body.

I have reversed cancer even in last stages for a lot of people. And fasting has been one of the key things. Along with fasting we applied a lot of other therapeutics and all of them played their crucial role.

Fasting is not an answer for every remedy but can help in many ways.

You need to know what your body needs, prepare your body for fasting and then do it. Randomly doing anything can be harmful and is not advisable.

Do it under guidance.

Most importantly when you fast aim for health and not for weight loss. Weight loss will be an automatic outcome but the focus should be placed entirely on the process.

Don't get stressed about the weight loss, enjoy the journey

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