What are Signs of Intelligence?

I find it funny when people ask these types of questions. Because they literally don't specifically refer to what level or area which consists of actual intelligence (psychometric g). For example, to me, this question realistically is way too broad and can actually be answered for any level and from any angle. Do you mean neurologically? Statistically? Behaviourally? Are you referring to low, average or high IQ persons? See my point? Anyway, I understand that this question applies to high intelligence.

The traits of high intelligence include the following:

  • Superior memory.
  • Successfully completed a masters degree and above (PhD).
  • More likely to go to university (can range at low ends at 110 though, depending).
  • Likely to have have a high average IQ at least, if in university. (I heard in some countries they are making it available for anyone to pass, even with poor grades. Thank liberals with their equalitarianism.)
  • Learns quicker.
  • Attains information for longer.
  • More likely to have intellectual hobbies like writing or chess for example.
  • Could have a bigger brain (correlation is 0.40 in statistical terms). Which means their head would be bigger.
  • Can plan ahead well.
  • Is more likely to live longer.
  • Has common sense.
  • Is more logical/rational.
  • Learns from mistakes.
  • Likely has many interests.
  • Those interests held with competence.
  • Very bright people are likely to read peer reviewed publications, research, authors or academics and compare their work in whatever literature it is they are reading. And don’t rely on social-media, the main-stream-media or academics who don’t contextualise more scientific based and objective evidence in their articles. And who especially don’t specialise in that field.
  • Less likely to drop out of school.
  • More likely to have higher grades regarding education, if they have the appropriate levels of conscientiousness.
  • Likely to have a higher annual salary.
  • Likely to have higher educational achievement under their belt.
  • Could potentially be higher in openness to experience from the big 5 model for personality (correlation is 0.42–0.44).
  • Is less likely to smoke or contract HIV.
  • Less likely to have a criminal record.
  • Has better general health.
  • Demonstrates high amounts of critical thinking.
  • Reasons very well.
  • Likely has higher verbal ability if they read.
  • Prefers to associate with people of similar intelligence.
  • Enjoys a high socioeconomic status and is likely to have a higher social and economic status.
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