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10 Beauty Problems Castor Oil Can Help You Solve

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Castor oil used to be one of Cleopatra’s favorite beauty remedies. Egyptians used to adore its seed because of its properties as a natural laxative, a beauty product, and also as a medicine back in 1552, BCE. If you want to avoid chemical products and treat some of the most common beauty problems, you can try to add castor oil to your daily beauty routine.

In this article Bhaskar Health included some ordinary, everyday problems that can be treated or helped by the use of castor oil.

1. Acne and post-acne scars

Skin that is too oily triggers acne. However, most beauty products on the market dry out our skin, which as a result produces more oil in order to moisturize itself. So acne appears. On the other hand, castor oil contains fatty acids that help in the restoration of the skin’s natural moisture. Try to softly apply castor oil on your face in a circular motion, leave it on overnight, and rinse it with warm water in the morning.

2. Scars and sunburns

10 Beauty Problems That Castor Oil Can Help You Solve

Castor oil helps you shed damaged skin cells and it can be used for burns, scars, and even stretch marks. It also has antimicrobial properties and benefits blood flow. It is used in many sunscreens because it also has a SPF value of around 6.

3. Hair breakage and hair loss

It externally nourishes our hair, increases our hair flexibility, and reduces breakage. But more than that, it makes our hair roots stronger and prevents hair loss through a compound called ricinoleic acid. It also reduces dandruff symptoms. Gently massage your scalp with castor oil a few times a week, then wash it out with your regular shampoo.

4. Wrinkles

Apply a few drops of castor oil over specific areas. It helps with the production of collagen, which slows down the aging of the skin. Because of its fatty acids, it has moisturizing qualities and it also keeps the area hydrated and soft.

5. Chapped lips

You can also use castor oil to relieve and heal chapped lips. Try applying a small amount of it on your lips. Because of its highly nutritious ingredients, like vitamin E, minerals, and fatty acids, it will help the area heal fast and restore its moisture balance. You can apply it directly to your lips with your finger.

6. Patchy skin, cracked heels, and calluses

Castor oil, with its rich moisturizing nature, nourishes dry skin and restores the hydration in scaly areas. It can also help you rub off calluses and treat cracked heels. Mix a few tablespoons of the oil with warm water and soak your calluses in it. The mixture will act as a natural skin lubricant.

7. Cuticles and weak nails

10 Beauty Problems That Castor Oil Can Help You Solve

Because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties, castor oil can be used as a great nail and cuticle treatment to promote healthy and strong growth. There are many nail products that contain castor oil on the market, but you can also apply a few drops directly onto your nails or dilute it in warm water and soak your nails in it a few times per week.

8. Dry and cracked hands

Castor oil is a natural moisturizer and the best remedy for dry hands with cracks and maybe eczema, mostly when it’s cold outside. It contains a fatty acid called ricinoleic acid that helps the first layer of our skin prevent water loss. You can also combine it with other oils like almond or coconut oil and create a hydrating boost for your hands and face too.

9. Eyelashes

A study has shown that castor oil helps hair grow strong and the same applies to eyelashes. As said before, it is rich in ricinoleic acid, which is proven to have high levels of triglycerides and a prostaglandin D2 inhibitor that helps moisturize eyelashes and prevent hair loss.

10. Hair growth

10 Beauty Problems That Castor Oil Can Help You Solve

Even though the use of castor oil for hair growth is still in the anecdotal stage, there are many people who claim that the regular use of it has helped them grow strong and healthy hair. You can try to massage your scalp with castor oil and then wash as usual with your shampoo. Because of its ricinoleic acid and its omega-6 fatty acids, it boosts the blood circulation thus enhances hair growth.

We are sure that you’ll love the results when you start using castor oil yourself. What are your favorite natural products for beauty remedies? Share your pictures in the comments.

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