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10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

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However much is said about artificial intelligence and modern technologies, the human body is the most perfect system on today's planet.

Bhaskar Health will tell you about the potential of our body in comparison with modern technologies.


Of course, from a scientific point of view, comparing an eye and a digital camera is not very correct. But if we abstract away from that, we can count approximately 126 megapixels in our eyes (in the center of the pupil).


A second of our sight would be equal to a volume of 21.45 GB. A 1-second iPhone video is only 375 MB.


The brain has approximately 100 billion neurons, each of which creates about 1,000 potential synapses that store data. If everything is multiplied, it turns out that the brain theoretically has 100 terabytes of information. For comparison, one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, "Titan," has a total system memory of 710 terabytes.


According to the scientific channel Veritasium, by 2020 the volume of all the stored information of mankind will reach 40 zettabytes. Now compare: the human body already contains 60 zettabytes of data.


However, the genetic information of a person occupies only 1.5 gigabytes of memory. Just like the operating system iOS 10.


About 100,000 chemical reactions per second happen in the brain, which means that its speed is equivalent to that of the Shanghai Maglev Train — one of the fastest trains on the planet, which easily reaches 270 miles/h (430 km/h).


The "fact" that people use only 10% of their brain is a myth. The brain uses as many resources as it needs at a particular moment. It can be compared to a radio: we listen to only one wave at a time, although there may be 100 channels available.


To match the brain (with a standard capacity of about 20 W) in performance, you'd need a supercomputer that consumes about 1.4 MW, or 70,000 times greater.


And, most importantly, the brain and the human body as a whole have an amazing capacity for regeneration and can work with serious damage. Even the most powerful gadgets in the world can’t boast that.


There are two types of belly button: an outie and an innie. Did you know that only 1% of people have an outie? That's pretty cool, and also more hygienic as less dirt can accumulate. However, studies have shown that innies are considered more attractive!

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