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10 Weird Things That Happen in the Female Body

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In Ancient Greece, women were considered a different species from men because of how different they were in their bodies and virtues. And as much as civil rights have changed, there are still many mysteries regarding the female body.

We at Bhaskar Health are taking every chance we can to show you new facts and studies about a large part of our population, and some of them might surprise even the most knowledgeable of people.

1. Morning sickness is good for future moms.

Scientists from the University of Colorado have found that morning sickness during pregnancy is actually a coping mechanism, helping the fetus to avoid toxins from fish, meat, and poultry the mother consumes. Also, if you get morning sickness, it could be a sign of a strong baby since according to the Quantity Review of Biology, women who have morning sickness have considerably lower chances of miscarrying.

2. Women are really good at hearing high-pitch.

From a very young age, women can recognize really high-pitched noises. A 1-week-old girl can already tell her mother’s voice apart from the crying of a different baby. This skill can be useful in not only taking care of a baby but also in hearing when people lie to you — women can catch the slightest change in the pitch of a voice caused by lying and can call people out on it.

3. Females are “brainier”

While the male brain is bigger in size, females show about 3% better results in intelligence tests.
That and an ability to do multiple things at once is caused by a difference in the structure of their cerebellum. This area of the brain is bigger in females and has about 30% more nerve connections in it than male brains do.

4. The X chromosome is a part of a good immune system.

According to scientists from Gent’s University, the X chromosome that is responsible for the birth of a baby girl packs more micro-RNA which strengthens the immune system of the baby and lowers the risk of cancer.

5. Women get through sicknesses more easily.

Maya Saleh from McGill University Research Centre on Complex Traits has found that the hormone estrogen, which is more present in females than males, is responsible for suppressing the inflammation process. That means women’s bodies deal with illness faster and easier. Estrogen also slows down the aging of the body, so they’re more likely to live longer too.

6. PMS symptoms come and go with age.

10 Weird Things That Happen in the Female Body

Females are way more likely to experience PMS symptoms in their early teens and after their 40s since those are the years of the biggest hormonal changes. Symptoms may include but are not limited to headaches, skin changes, and joint and muscle pains.

7. Women are biologically wired to spot alpha-females.

Biologically, females are more predetermined to get along and keep the peace in a group than males are. And an alpha-female is there to be a conductor of social behavior and a peacekeeper. So how do women spot an alpha female if there’s no power struggle?

In a group of women, the points of their shoes are usually pointed in the direction of the alpha. They easily pick up cues dropped by the alpha and even laugh the same amount of times as she does.

8. Breasts are not the same on every person.

An extremely small amount of women in the world have the same sized breasts since usually, one is larger than the other. No part of the human body is perfectly symmetrical.

9. Arousal is all the same for the female brain.

In the female brain, the same part will “light up” on an MRI in cases of arousal caused by a partner as well as those caused by thinking about food. It’s even more visible when a woman has a food craving during pregnancy.

10. Birth control affects physical attractiveness.

It is scientifically proven that men are usually driven to fertile females even if a child is not a goal in their relationships. They pick it up from scent and other biological tendencies. Birth control lowers female attractiveness since it adds “manly” hormones and eliminates the ability to get pregnant.

Bonus: warm bodies

If your wife or a girlfriend tends to stick her cold hands under your shirt — let her. Female hands have in general, 37º F lower temperature than men’s. Scientists think that it occurs because women have generally smaller muscle mass and have a higher ratio of surface area to volume, which results in the rapid loss of heat.

Which facts did you find surprising and which ones are actually making perfect sense? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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