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11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

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According to survey results from the Gallup company, 60% of millennials are lonely. This happens even despite the wide availability of online dating sites and the presence of Tinder with hundreds of millions of users from all over the world. But why is this so? Why do communications stop after 2 or 3 dates?

Bhaskar Health has looked at this situation closely and found out 11 types of people who are usually blacklisted after a couple of offline meetings.

Mama’s boy

11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

Imagine being invited to his home for a cup of coffee after dinner but being asked to speak quietly because his parents are sleeping in the next room. Yes, it means that the one you chose lives with parents, however he stopped being a student a long time ago. It’s so convenient when your mom is always there to feed you, to keep everything clean and organized, and to wash your clothes. She might even give you some pocket money if you behave well. This guy can be a great friend, but not a good husband.


11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

“I can’t come to your parents’ place — I’m leaving to root for my team.” If you hear something like this, it means you are dealing with a zealot who will sacrifice anything for his hobby. His buddies are always there waiting for him and his home is always snowed under piles of balls, cups, fishing rods, or hunting trophies. Will there be enough space for you in this home?


11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

This person perceives their partner as a “blank canvas” that needs sculpting to become the one who will fit in their life. If you are constantly compared to others and are told not to wear those jeans, to get rid of your piercing, or to get your body in shape, it means you were “lucky” enough to meet a “sculptor.” The most interesting thing is that the “sculptor” feels OK personally having any of these imperfections themselves.


11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

This person is ready to tell all of their various interesting stories, anecdotes, and foolish jokes for the whole evening during a date. He is not interested in listening to others. If you try to add a story to his monologue, he will interrupt you with a, “Once I had...” story. So, instead of going on a second date with this person, it’s better to just go see a show.

Not single

11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

“I have a girlfriend but we decided to take a break,” says the person you went on a date with. They may end up talking the whole evening about their ex regardless of whether they’re positive or negative stories. It means that their feelings still haven’t cooled down and that there is no point in starting a new relationship because no one wants to be the third wheel or the rebound.


11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

The spender will invite a girl to the trendiest restaurant and will treat her with lobster and black caviar. But next time he will ask to borrow $10. A spender-girl, in her turn, takes out a lot of loans or spends her dad’s money on a new coat and the latest iPhone. Relationships with these people may lead to another “relationship” with bailiffs.


11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

Cold steak, expired milk, a dust particle in a hotel room — anything can be a reason to complain for this type of person. A brawler seems to be happy encountering imperfect service because it can be another reason for them to demonstrate their outstanding “skills.” However, there is one ’but’ - their partner doesn’t admire them, but instead hides their eyes feeling ashamed. We wonder why?

A smartphone person

11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

It goes like this: you are telling a touching story about how you lost a dog in your childhood and at the most dramatic moment of the story you notice that your partner is looking at their phone’s screen. They never stay far from their phone — continuing to text and comment when you are at the movies or watching videos while eating. If your partner is literally living in the world of social media, maybe it’s better for them to search for love on social media too.


11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

This person still doesn’t have a smartphone because their Nokia 3310 works perfectly. He keeps mending old clothes for as long as possible and gets rid of them only when they are completely worn out. He has money for new clothes but he simply doesn’t see any point in buying any. Image means nothing to him. However, their partner might have an opposite opinion and feel ashamed of being seen together with a thrifter.


11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

This type of person wants to get married so bad that they scare off any potential candidates. Maybe a guy, asking a girl on their first date about the number of kids she wants to have, is trying to demonstrate his serious intentions, but usually, this is considered inappropriate. Just like a girl who wants to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents after only knowing him for 3 days.


11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

People who eagerly follow an idea often tend to see potential novices in their surroundings. And it’s vital for them to have their partner share their ideas completely. Also, it’s forbidden to tell any kind of jokes about their adherence. Therefore, you have 2 options if you want to date such an ideological person — you either need to seriously subscribe to the same ideas as your partner does or admit that you haven’t grown the way they have in life.

Perhaps you have already met a representative of one of these types. Is there anyone you would like to add to this list? We’re so curious to read your thoughts in the comments!

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