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12 Things We’re Better Off Not Saving Money

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People like to save money — it’s a well-known fact. But this type of behavior is not always profitable or beneficial. Sometimes we get only a short-term profit and can harm our health and the quality of our life in a long-term perspective. It’s not for nothing that people use the saying, “A miser pays twice.”

We at Bhaskar Health decided to figure out what things we shouldn’t feel stingy about as they can be detrimental to our comfort.

1. Good quality underwear

Things we wear under our clothes should be chosen as carefully as jeans or dresses. You should feel comfortable wearing underwear and it shouldn’t cause the slightest bit of discomfort. Artificial tissue, an abundance of synthetics and cheap lace can cause skin irritation, redness, and itching. Moreover, a bra of bad quality loses its shape faster and stops performing its function — to support the breasts. It can also make breathing difficult, squeeze blood vessels, and disrupt blood circulation, all of which can negatively affect your health.

Moreover, your look can also get a negative effect from cheap underwear — if you’re wearing tight clothes, the underwear shouldn’t be visible. Seamless underwear sets can perform this function perfectly.

2. Taxi

Everyone will likely agree that a ride on public transport isn’t as speedy and comfortable as a ride in a car. However, even if you have a personal car, sometimes a taxi can be a more profitable and convenient option — like if you need to go downtown where you might face issues of finding a parking spot or getting lost in an unfamiliar place. In this case, a taxi can be a good alternative to a car. Additionally, if you consider fuel costs, it might turn out to be a more profitable way of transportation.

3. Wireless headphones

It’s quite difficult to survive in the modern, big city without earbuds — many of us like to listen to music and podcasts literally everywhere, whether it be on the metro, on the street, at the gym, etc. However, the main disadvantage of earbuds is that their constantly tangled wires cling to everything. Fortunately, today you can avoid any kind of hassle by simply buying good wireless earphones. This purchase will be especially appreciated by those who like to do sports — playing games will be more comfortable from now on.

4. Expensive shoes

Footwear should be comfortable, otherwise, the quality of life decreases. And it’s not only because of foot fatigue and calluses but also because of the fact that the body is forced to distribute the load so that you can maintain balance when the foot is in the wrong position. As a result, a person may end up getting problems with their joints and spine. Expensive shoes and boots, in their turn, are usually made of good-quality materials and take into account the anatomical features of a person. Their heel pad is made to make us feel as comfortable as possible.

Besides that, many people pay attention to shoes when meeting a new person. Therefore, having spent a bit more money, you can create an impression of a serious and successful person.

5. Working out with the supervision of a trainer

Many people consider personal training unnecessary, however, in many cases, the help of a trainer is essential. First of all, if you’re a newcomer to sports or exercise, it will be better if an expert shows you the right techniques for performing. It relates not only to safety but also to the efficiency of training. Secondly, some people need a person who will motivate them to visit the gym and perform the exercises to their fullest. Thirdly, an expert can prepare a detailed plan of training created especially for you based on your goal — some people want to lose weight, others want to grow muscles, and some want to become stronger and increase their endurance.

At the same time, it’s not necessary to have individual training regularly. You can start with 4-5 sessions of training with an expert and then hire them as needed.

6. Laser epilation

Of course, if you can remove hair easily with razors and don’t mind doing so every 3-4 days and you don’t feel pain from sugaring procedures, you can forget about laser treatments. However, it’s laser epilation that’s considered to be the most effective and painless way to get rid of unwanted hair once and forever. But be sure to consult a specialist and take every stage of the process into account.

7. Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a good way to save not only time and nerves but also money. It has been calculated that a dishwasher uses about 10-15 liters of water within one full cycle while washing the dishes with hands requires about 30 liters. Today, as we have water meters installed in almost every apartment, this difference is quite significant. Moreover, the dishwasher will wash your dishes better and even disinfect them if you choose the mode of washing with hot water. It’s especially ideal for families with multiple kids.

8. Electric toothbrushes or irrigators

To reduce the number of visits to the dentist, you need to protect your teeth and take care of them carefully. A good quality electric toothbrush or irrigator will help you with this. A regular toothbrush can cleanse your mouth cavity thoroughly with about 200 movements per minute but the speed of an electric brush can deliver thousands of rotations. The irrigator will be useful to those who want to get rid of plaque at home as this device will remove all food debris using a powerful water jet and can massage your gums.

9. Capsule coffee maker

A capsule device for making the fragrant drink can be a total life-saver for those who value their time. In comparison to other ways of brewing coffee, this option is the fastest. You won’t need to waste your time putting coffee inside the device, washing it, and so on. All you need to do is switch on the coffee maker, pour in water, and insert the capsule — then your tasty coffee is ready! Additionally, capsule coffee makers are compact as a rule, which means you won’t need to find a special place for it in the kitchen.

10. Online language courses

Self-developing and acquiring new knowledge is always a good thing. Nowadays, there are many books for self-study that let people learn a new language quickly and easily. However, self-study doesn’t always give better results than online lessons with a teacher when it comes to learning languages. This is because strict schedules discipline much better than the opportunity to have a lesson whenever and wherever you feel comfortable. Learning a language requires a system.

Moreover, a teacher can always create a unique program based on your specific goals, pointing out your pronunciation mistakes and helping you to practice with dialogue.

11. Orthopedic mattress

Great sleep is a guarantee of good health and well-being which is why it’s so important to take care of your comfort while sleeping. Uncomfortable, bad-quality mattresses can cause many problems. In a short-term perspective, it can lead to worsening the quality of sleep. As a result, you won’t be getting enough sleep and will get tired faster, making it harder for you to concentrate on things. But things might become even worse down the road — a bad mattress can lead to serious spine issues.

12. Chaise lounge for a newborn

Today, there are a bunch of devices that can ease the lives of young parents. Some of them do require significant investments but they’re worth it. For example, a special chaise lounge for a baby with an adjustable seat can give parents more freedom of action. You won’t need to rock your baby in your arms anymore as the special seat has a vibration function.

Also, you can transport your baby in it without being afraid you won’t be able to find kids’ chairs in a public place. And finally, a high-quality chaise lounge is able to ensure the safety of the newborn while the parents are busy doing whatever it is they need to do.

Can you recall a purchase you were stingy about at first but later realized it was best to upgrade? Tell us about it!

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