25 Things That Happen Only In Boys' Hostel

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There's a certain kind of bond only dudes get to make if they have lived in a boys hostel. This is precisely why any of you who haven't lived in a boys' hostel will find most of the things mentioned here to be disgusting. Not us though, we lived through this crap and we love it. 

1. Whoever has cigarettes at 3 AM in the night is a God and is to be revered going forward. 

2. T-shirts have no owners. If it fits, you wear it. 

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3. Same goes for slippers, uncomplicated sandals, basically any footwear that doesn't require bending down. 

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4. When you put your food in the fridge, it doesn't matter if your name is on it, that's public property now. 

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5. Jeans don't need to be washed. You buy them, you wear them, you throw them out. 

Ghar pe hote to mummy table cloth bana deti. But we can't have everything in life. 

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6. Everybody is friends all the time except when you have to poop and your roommate is in. 

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7. Doesn't matter if you don't like cricket, you will end up watching it in the common room and scream and moan like the rest of the bois. 

Source: IIT Guwahati

8. When you walk into the building, you find the biggest baddest dude in there and offer him some booze. 

Kitni bhi anti-ragging campaigning kar lo, bematlab kisiko nahi peetna. 

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9. Snitches get stitches. 

Rats are not well-liked if you have noticed. 

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10. Getting extra food from the mess for your friends is not optional. 

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11. Your roommate getting into a new relationship is awkward AF, both for the woman and you. 

Your roommate obviously doesn't care. Uske mazey chal rahe hain

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12. You really believe that your hostel cricket team could beat the college cricket team. 

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13. If a friend hates someone, you also hate them. Those are the rules. 

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14. If you have parents coming over, or if you are coming back from home, it's implied that you must have home-cooked food for the rest of the room. 

Source: Delhiplanet

15. We all know that one guy who lent everyone money. We have all kissed his ass.

Source: Indian memes

16. Any loan under Rs 100 will never be returned. 

17. We all had that one muftkhor who tagged along for the booze and the Zomato/Swiggy orders but never had the money. 

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18. Jiske mahine mein pehle aaye paise, wo order karega khana. 

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19. Never ask anyone for money in the last week of the month. 

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20. Always be nice to the guy who's going to proxy for you in the attendance sheet. 

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21. There's always that one guy who deserves to be put a blanket on and to be whacked with wet slippers, but don't do that. That's illegal. 

Source: Indian Web Series

22. Going out of the way to make the warden's life miserable because we all knew who ration mein ghotala kar raha hai. 

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23. Ordering food at 2 AM in the night but nobody be willing to go to the gate to collect was really the biggest issue of the day. 

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24. You can have warm beer but if you keep it in the fridge, you won't have any beer left to drink. 

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25. You may hate someone if a dude from another hostel messes with him, it's your moral responsibility to fight for the honour of your hostel. 

The food was crap, there was no AC, most dudes didn't take a bath. So who f**k knew those were the good days?


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