5 Amazing Benefits of Becoming a Morning Person

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If there is one thing I can say I am proud of, it is that I am proud of becoming a morning person because I made myself one. If you really want to change something really significantly, then no other change is greater than becoming a morning person. I can guarantee that cultivating the good habit of waking up early is the best decision you will ever make!
All other good habits that I have been able to cultivate so far stands on this great change of starting to wake up early.

I wasn’t always a morning person. There used to be a time when I woke up at around 8-9 am still feleling exhausted and wanting to sleep more. I had no intention or motivation for my day ahead. My days went by as the events took place. I had no control or awareness over how I was spending my time. Sleeping late and waking up late has kind of become like our culture now.

One main reason I woke up late was that I felt that I had no intention for my day. I did not know what else to do even if I woke up early so I felt I’d better sleep. How wrong I was! Now I hear most of my friends, brothers and sisters also give the same reason. Now I know that there are actually so many meaningful things to be do and morning time is the best time to do them.

Here are the 5 powerful benefits I have received by becoming a morning person.

1. More Harmony

Once I started waking up early, I began to feel my life slowly beginning to get back on track. I began to feel so much harmony in my days. But this wouldn’t have happened without establishing a powerful morning routine, without which waking up early has no meaning to it.

The struggle to develop the habit of waking up early is all worth it because nothing has helped me in my growth so much. Waking up early can really make you happy and content!

2. More Me-Time

Waking up early allows me to have abundant me-time. I dedicate my morning time Solely for my growth. Giving ourselves this time is an act of showing self-love in the truest sense. I devote this time for exercise, reading my morning read, praying, writing and studying.

3. More Meaning

When we wake up late, having abundant time for our self cannot is not possible for we have to go about our days as our day takes us. Most of us begin our day by scrolling over the phone and watching what others are up to.

We go for work, go out with friends, talk and get in touch with everyone. And hence there is no time for our self. We live this life heedlessly and busy with others and create no time for our self and for our growth.

I would say that the first person we must meet after waking up should be strictly only with our own self and look to our inherent need, that is, the need for us to grow.

This becomes possible once we start to wake up early and create deliberate me-time for ourselves. Doing so has made my days meaningful and purposeful. Waking up early really adds meaning to our days!

4. More Control

Ever since I have started waking up early I have become more aware and more conscious of how I am spending my days and what I am doing.

We cannot control the events that may come about our day but when we wake up early, there will be no one who can disturb us. I am in total control of my morning time. No one can distract me unless I myself distract myself.

And it is so true that how we start our day, defines how we will spend the rest of the day.

5. More Productivity

Lastly, the most important gain I have been able to reap by waking up early is ‘more productivity’. I cannot imagine how my life would be had I not cultivated this habit of early awakening.

Since waking up early, I wake up with an intention to spend my day productively- to fulfil my ‘mission for today’.

They are my most important task to do for the day (at least 3). Waking up early enables me to get them half done even before my day actually begins.

This leaves me feeling satisfied and gives me a good tone for the rest of the day. This is why I love waking up early. The wise men from the past were so true.

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