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6 Flaws That Make Anyone More Attractive

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We, humans, tend to get insecure about our imperfections which actually make us unique and attractive to others. Even studies claim that ’going with our flaws’ is one of the best ways of loving oneself and they make us more attractive.

Today, Bhaskar Health would love to share some of those imperfections and how they actually make you more attractive than you are in the first place.

1. You get obsessed with things easily.

It is great to love something deeply, but when it costs you your health and relationships, then that’s a problem. On the other hand, obsession can be powerful. When you are obsessed with something, you believe in it with all your heart. Obsessive people know that if they set their minds to something, they will make it happen by any means. So, whether it’s music, writing, or a hobby, let it drive you to success.

2. You tend to overshare things.

It can be problematic when you reveal too much information to the wrong people in the wrong settings. But if you’re building new relationships or deepening bonds with people, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. According to a theory, to develop closeness and intimacy, sharing your personal information gradually works like a charm. You may feel uncomfortable being vulnerable at first, but with time it helps a relationship to thrive.

3. You depend on people to support you in your goals.

It is great to be one’s own best friend. But what is greater is when you have somebody to support you and cheer you on for what you believe in. People don’t usually ask for help because they fear that it will make them look weak, but little do they know that it is a sign of absolute strength to ask for help. Don’t assume they will do everything for you, but let them give you the support you need.

4. You like to gossip.

6 Flaws That Make Anyone More Attractive

Almost everyone hates a gossip. Certainly, some kinds of gossip can be harmful, but studies claim quite the contrary. Some types of gossip are inclined to save people from harm by warning them about bad people or situations. Gossiping may seem petty in the first place, but it can come in handy by keeping the potential victims safe and would-be exploiters in check.

5. You stand up for yourself in a way that some may deem rude or mean.

Sometimes you don’t feel like meeting people, getting a certain job, moving to a new city, or saying yes, because you prioritize yourself first. The best thing you can ever have is your time and not your money. Once your time is gone, it’s gone. So, be selfish and ruthless if someone is not worthy of your time and energy. You cannot please everyone, you’re a human, not an ice cream cone.

6. You take things slow.

People are always rushing to get things done. Attending countless parties, talking to as many people as they can, etc. You are unable to fathom this rush. You are more accustomed to enjoying your life by taking things slow. You focus on talking to a few people, doing a certain amount of work, and working in the best way to achieve your goals. You prioritize quality over quantity to enrich your life.

So, embrace your flaws like...

How are your flaws truly a blessing in disguise for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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