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7 Psychological Rules That Can Make Your Life Brighter

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Professor Martin Seligman, one of the founders of positive psychology, conducted a significant number of researches to prove that this type of psychotherapy can help people live a pleasant life by bringing out their strengths. It makes individuals feel happier by encouraging them to live with a positive philosophy.

Bhaskar Health has gathered 7 fundamental rules that can help you fight depression, have better physical health, and higher achievement.

1. The mirror rule

The rule is quite simple – it means that every single person in your life is your mirror. They reflect your own personality, character traits, even the ones you don't like. The characteristics you see in people around you can give you the opportunity to know yourself better and then grow.

All the qualities you admire the most or hate in others are your own.

For example, if someone treats you with disrespect, then that's how you probably act toward other people, but don't pay much attention to it. If you want to change anything in relationships, start with yourself – be the change you want to achieve.

2. The power of choice

Everything that is happening in your life is a result of the choices you make through your life. Your choices in friends, lifestyle, and belief all form your personality. We are the authors of our own destiny.

If you are dealing with a boring person and always find yourself trying to solve their problems, then that's what you prefer to be doing at that particular moment in your life. It's you who lets it happen. You can complain to no one.

If you want a different result, you need to think about a different choice. Choose wisely because every single decision counts.

Surely, there are things that are not your choice. You can't choose your family members, a combination of genes, the environment you are brought up in, etc. That's just the rules of life. However, some situations can be out of our control, but that doesn't mean that you don't have a choice as to how you wish to respond. The trick is to make steps toward the better result – the outcome you want!

3. The power of mistakes

You need to realize that anyone can be wrong. Sometimes our beliefs or our actions, no matter how right you may think they are, won't be considered to be right by others. You don't need to see the world in just black and white. No one is perfect.

We all have a right to make mistakes. Be ready to recognize them and analyze what you can do to fix them.

4. The rule of relevance

There are some things that depend only on us. There is no need to complain about your lifestyle, relationships, or your work. If you can't be fully in love with a person, it is ridiculous to expect the same from them. When you decide you deserve better, the changes you need are going to start happening.

Prioritize you goals. If you want to achieve a lot, aim high and take action!

5. The dependence effect

Nobody owes you anything. But you can decide to be kind to another person and selflessly help them. You don't need to wait for something in reply. Being nice to others should be a gift in itself.

If you want to be a good person, you need to be strong and believe in yourself. Surely, there are times when you need to say, "No." Agreeing to everything that someone asks of you isn't something that will make you happy. Make the correct choices for you.

6. The rule of presence

Start living here and now. Don't think about the past, because every next moment, the present begins. Don't worry about the future either because it hasn't started yet. If you are attached too much to the past, you can feel depressed.

Concerns about the future lead to anxiety.

Tuning into our emotions and thoughts that we experience at the present moment is good for our mood, our health, and our relationships with other people. As long as you live in the present, you are real and you bring harmony and happiness to your life.

7. The power of optimism

Don't ignore the little things that surround you. Don't criticize life because doing so is a surefire way for it to pass you by. Enjoy the beauty of nature: sunny summers, rivers, green forests, great friends...

As long as you live, try to take everything you can from your daily moments to be happy.

Be productive, be active, and have a life full of positive emotions. When you spend time watching TV, lying on a couch, or doing other things that don't fill your life or your mind with new and interesting experiences, you are not part of the real world – you are in the hereafter.

Do you follow these rules? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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