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8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

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If you’re in what seems like a serious and dedicated relationship and finally decide to say, “I love you,” only to have the other person’s response range anywhere from “thank you” to complete silence, your world will feel like it’s crumbling down. And now you start to wonder whether the other person is being as honest and open with you as you thought they were. But their inability to open up to you about their feelings should certainly make you think about things.

Bhaskar Health would like to warn you about 8 red flags that indicate your partner might be faking their love toward you.

1. They profess their love more on social media and around friends than they do in private.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Posting picture after picture on Instagram showcasing what a great couple you are is a massive sign of insecurity. Additionally, if your partner is only nice and attentive to you when you’re out with friends, then that should be a red flag. Their affection shouldn’t stop when you’re home alone. So if the loving gestures stop and the silence begins behind closed doors, then your partner likes to put on an “affection show” for society to see.

It’s highly possible that your partner measures their happiness by the level of success of your relationship. So if people online comment on what a great couple you are, this is translated into happiness for them. And they think of your relationship as successful for as long as your online presence is perceived positively.

2. Your conversations are drier than the Sahara Desert.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

A healthy, deep relationship requires both partners to be open to talking about themselves and the world around them. However, your partner doesn’t start a conversation unless they need something from you. And even when you try to initiate a discussion, they seem completely uninterested in what you say. There is absolutely no progression in subjects, and even the topics you touch on are super boring and short.

3. They try to change you and your habits.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Both of you may have certain traits that you don’t love about each other. And in fake relationships, your partner will probably want to change the things that they don’t like about you. Basically, they ask you to sacrifice your own self so you can please them and their needs. They put themselves above you and your connection, and if you don’t follow their demands, you will be in deep trouble.

4. They don’t work with you to find solutions to problems.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Conflicts and disagreements are common in relationships, and work from both partners is required to resolve them. You both need to accept your responsibilities and meet somewhere in the middle. However, your partner isn’t interested in doing any of that, and they just walk away, waiting for the storm to calm down. They simply don’t care about listening to your worries.

Not only that, but they seem like they don’t care about your feelings and how they might have hurt you. A loving partner should be concerned about you and how their actions affect you negatively. You shouldn’t be poking to get a response that doesn’t solve anything.

5. You’re not their priority.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Chances are your partner cancels your plans way too often, citing cheap excuses. They might also profess their sadness over this and how it’s “not in their hands” to control the situation. While canceling plans here and there is normal, when this behavior continues for way too long, then maybe you’re not enough of a priority to them.

It’s not about doing crazy activities or going on joint excursions with your friends, but about creating deep roots. So if they ask you to go on a long hike or to the beach together, they’re trying to spend some quality time with you. They might even rearrange their entire schedule if that’s what they need to do to see you.

6. They mention their ex way too often.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

There is a possibility that your partner isn’t over their ex and that you’re just a rebound. And you should suspect this if they talk a lot about their ex or, even worse, compare you to them. This is a clear sign that their head and heart are stuck in the past and your relationship is serving as a distraction. They may just be looking to boost their ego after their past relationship failed.

Another sign that their mind and heart are somewhere else is if they avoid making eye contact with you. Hugging you because you hug them or being physically close to you does not necessarily mean that their mind is present. Avoiding looking at you in the eyes can force you to have second thoughts about your partner or make you question whether you’ve done something wrong.

7. They don’t make future plans with you.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

In a deep and meaningful relationship, the topic of your future should arise sooner or later — not only about having kids or getting married but about simple things, such as future trips and meeting each other’s families. If your partner seems uninterested in having such a conversation with you, they probably have commitment issues. Or maybe they haven’t even thought about it, which may also be a bad sign.

8. They like showing off.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

These days, social media posts are not the only way your partner can show off. They also like donning their expensive clothes or going out to lavish, high-class restaurants and bars exclusively. They might even start a fight with you if you’re not willing to spend a lot of money on food. Therefore, their supposed feelings could start fading if you don’t satisfy their extravagant needs.

Do you recognize any of the above behaviors in your relationship? What would you do to address the issues and possibly find a solution?

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