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Health Prediction For 2022 as Per Your Birthdate

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In Numerology, universal years range from 1 to 9. The year 2022, a 6 universal year is about accepting responsibility for self, family, and community. The world will concentrate on healing, breakthroughs will continue in health and well-being. Care towards humanity will increase. Globally, organisations will rise to do their civic and humanitarian duties. A new equilibrium will arise.

Relationships will be crucial. Strengthen some exit some. Growth will be through harmonising. Expand horizons with new friendships, social and business interactions. Work on key projects now. Contemplate and enlist things to accomplish, new systems and disciplines to be implemented. Love, marriages, expanding families, celebrations, healing, children, elders, well-being, beauty, etc. beckons. Start the new year mindfully and rise to your highest potential.

How to calculate personal year number

Our personal year number explains the theme of our lives in 2022. Follow the calculation below and receive your guidance. Your personal year is a part of the larger universal year 6 (2022).

BD + BM + UY = PY

Add your birth date + birth month + universal year

Double-digit numbers are reduced to a single digit (if you have 11 or 22 as your birth date write them as is). That final number will be your personal year in 2022.

Example: 1) If your birth date is 3rd May, your calculation will be: 3 +5 (May) +6 (2022) = 14 = 5, hence it will be a 5 personal year for you in 2022.

PY 1: New beginnings, initiatives, goals/ideas

You are starting a new nine-year cycle with this being your Year 1. You will experience new beginnings in some areas of your life. This is a great year to initiate new ideas, realise dreams and ambitions. Carefully contemplate and enlist the changes you seek in your life, relationships, career and sow the seeds NOW! Let go of what is not working and imbibe what you need. Be courageous. Blaze forward with a new determined, YOU!

PY 2: Cooperation, partnerships, patience

In PY 2, focus on building and maintaining partnerships/relationships- business and personal life. Patience and diplomacy are key to your success. Let your gut guide you. This year, you will be extra sensitive with heightened intuition. Embrace your inner psychic. Music will be a balm to your soul. Singles might meet someone new. Marriage may be on the cards for those seeking it.

PY 3: Self-expression, communication, creativity, fun

Communication and creative expressions are key. Express your inner desires creatively, travel, have fun with friends, broaden your horizons, radiate positivity and sunshine. Use your social connections, social media to build your business, launch your website, write that book, etc. Don’t squander away the year.

PY4: Organisation, planning, details, focus

Concentrate on work to realise your true potential. Manifest your goals, create stability, security and a rock-solid foundation. Don’t be too rigid and dogmatic. Efficiency is key. Short cuts will backfire. Pay extra attention to details and planning. A great year to buy a home/ office space.

PY 5: Change, freedom, flexibility, opportunities, surprises, adventure

Embrace Change! Take that Leap of faith! Get that new job, new relationship, explore new ways of living, travel, do things never done before. Free yourselves from your bondages. Flexibility and adaptability are key to achieving new heights and unexplored territory. Time for transformation and calculated risk-taking. Take care of your physical body. Many of you will seek freedom from conventions.

PY 6 : Home, family, harmony, society, nurturing, marriage, beauty

PY 6 is a year of protection and harmony. Care and concern for your loved ones/society will ensure lasting relationships. Do not over-compensate to maintain peace. Great year for marriage, children, pets and dependents. Strike a balance between your home and the outside world. All forms of beauty appeal. Enjoy your responsibilities, heal yourself and others. Focus on financial wealth and overall well-being.

PY 7: Rest, rejuvenation, alone time, spiritual discoveries

This is an internal year. PY 7 urges you to take rest and rejuvenate your mind and body to reassess your internal, universal and spiritual beliefs. You will carefully analyse everything. Don’t be over-critical. Take your insights and inspirations and manifest them into real, practical, tangible growth. Be with nature. Books and mountains beckon. Be the bridge between your spiritual and material realms.

PY 8: Manifestation, resources, leadership, goals, rewards

You will work hard to actualise your goals and dreams. A year for leadership and empowerment. Focus on work, building, creating, money, expansion and all commercial activity. You will utilise all kinds of resources to improve your financial standing and position. Create abundance for others and see it return manifold.

PY 9: Culmination, completion, release, universal love, wisdom

You have come a full circle. A year of completion, climax and closure. Whatever needs to move ahead with you in your next cycle of nine years will be retained and people/ things who have completed their journey will move on from your life this year. Know that every ending is a new beginning! Old patterns/behaviours may cease to exist. A year of wisdom, spirituality and universal consciousness.

PY 11: The central theme is like PY2 but in a PY 11, your senses are very heightened. A very intuitive year to tap into this master energy potential and realise your visions and dreams.

PY 22: This year is like PY 4 but on a larger scale. A master builder year. The world is your oyster!

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