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I keep saying this- becoming a morning person has been by far the best thing I have done for myself. All good changes that I have cultivated so far stands on this great change of starting to wake up early. So that is why today I want to share how you can become a morning person too and improve your life.

Waking up early and becoming a morning person is the greatest thing you can do for your self improvement.

How we spend our morning defines how our day goes and how we spend our days defines how our life goes. By waking up early, we can determine in which direction our life takes us.

Without digressing here are some tips straightway to help you wake up early and become a morning person

1. Set an intention

Nothing happens without setting an intention. Without an intention to wake up early, you cannot let go of the old habit. You also cannot build a new one. Write down or reflect on the bad habits you want to let go of this year. Then set an intention to cultivate this one good habit of waking up early.

2. Create a morning routine

This is THE most important thing to become a morning person.

Until you have a morning routine, you will never be able to wake up early.

I used to wake up late earlier because I never cared to have a morning routine. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after waking up so I woke up late with no intention and no priorities.

But once I decided to create my morning routine, I almost immediately became a morning person.

Having a morning routine makes me want to wake up early and do the things that matter to me and that are essential for my self care.

For me, I like to wake up early now because when I do, I have ample to me-time. My head is clear in the morning and I use this time to do things before 8 am. This makes my whole day go well and productively.

3. Start slowly

Decide on your goal, that is, at what time you want to wake up. Then start slowly. You need not make a great drastic change. Simply start changing your habit slowly.

Begin by sleeping at least 15-30 minutes earlier than your usual time. Then start by waking up 15-30 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time.

Strive and challenge to do this for a week. Even if you fail, (which is almost certain that you will) simply accept it and try again.

Once you have been able to wake up 30 minutes earlier, once again strive to wake up 30 minutes earlier.

When I first decided to change my habits (in February 2013), I had set the goal of waking up at 8 am. This was reachable for me and I could do it.

After a few months, I started to wake up at 7 then at 6-6:30 am. And now since last year, I have started waking up at 5 am.

4. Keep your phone far

Set up your alarm the night before and keep it away from you so that when it rings in the morning, you have to walk to your phone to close it. You won’t require an alarm after sometime. Your body will adjust soon and your eyes will start opening early.

Then when you wake up early, never use your phone first thing in the morning and immediately get started with your morning routine.

This is one rule I adhere to and it has benefitted me so much.

I repeat, never use phone first thing in the morning if you want to be a morning person

5. Get natural light and fresh air

Once you start waking up early, you have a tendency to feel sleepy. But this can go away if you go out in the morning surrounding and get fresh air even if for brief 5 minutes.

Hear the birds chirruping and feel glad that you have woken up along with them. I exercise first thing in the morning keeping my door and windows open for letting in morning’s fresh air.

6. Your body can hear you

Trust and have patience in your body. Our body knows everything and hears everything! I am beginning to realize that our body is our best friend and it works in unison with our mind.

If you say to yourself that you can’t sleep early, your body hears it and knows it and then begins to act like it.

If You keep saying yourself “ I can’t get up early”, your body too will want more sleep.

Trying saying, ‘I want to sleep early, I want to get up early and I will get up early’ Try saying that you Can instead of Can’t and set up your mind and your intention on waking up early.

You will see that your body won’t fail to cooperate with you.

I think that is why I am able to wake up at 5 am whenever I say I want to. Unless I want to and unless I really feel like, my body won’t cooperate with me.

7. Allow yourself break days

Allow yourself some break days and sleep without an alarm. See at what time you wake up. I wake up a little late (for me now, not after 7am) on Sundays and enjoy my extra hour of sleep.

8. Share with your friends

Social media is a great thing to share good things and motivate others in our own small way but sadly most of us only share unnecessary trivial things.

If you decide to wake up early and challenge yourself to, share your progress and your determination with your friends.

I hope you become a morning person and see for yourself how it changes the quality of your life.

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