How to Simplify Life in 30 Days

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Actually, your life is just waiting for you to take the lead so it can start working for you.

But if recently, you feel that your life has been messy and complicated, and you would begin to start simplifying it, then this post is going to help you.

Here is the simple living plan for you to simplify your life in just a matter of 30 days.

However, you have to do the work and be patient enough to do it for a full 30 days. As you progress, you must make sure that you keep up with the things you did the previous days.

Trust me, it WILL make a difference. Don’t go by how easy or little an act it might be.

Simply make sure you do it and you will see that simplifying life is actually not that hard.

And I also suggest you Pin this post or save it so you can come back to it every day.

Week 1: Decluttering to simplify your life

Physical things unconsciouly adds up a lot of mental clutter. It complicates our life without us even knowing.

When you declutter, you make space not only physically but also create a mental space, which is very essential if you want to simplify life.

For the first week, simply decultter.

A good way to do this is to ask yourself, ‘Have I used it in the past 1 month or even past 6 months?’ If not, then simply toss it away.

You don’t have to do it altogether. Start small, one thing at a time and here is the plan to do it.

Day 1: Declutter your room

Start with one corner of your room if you think it will be too big to tackle altogether. At the end of the day, you will feel satisfied to stay in a light and spacious room.

Day 2: Declutter your work space

Declutter your workspace and keep it clean and tidy. It helps to be more productive and have more enthusiasm to work.

Day 3: Declutter your closet and Purse

I know we are so attached to our clothes especially girls, but if you think you’re not going to wear it again, then just give them out. Also declutter your purse and throw away all the bills and extra things that you don’t need.

Day 4: Declutter your Fridge

Deep clean your fridge

Day 5: Declutter your phone and inbox

All your screenshots, whatsapp images and everything! Strive for an inbox 0 and unsubscribe from emails you don’t read.

Day 6: Declutter your Kitchen

All the containers, packages and everything you don’t need.

Day 7: Declutter your drawer

I know how no matter how much we declutter our drawer, automatically it starts to fill up again. Still, declutter your drawer. Start with one drawer and move on to the next.

Week 2: Things to quit to simplify life

Week 2 consists of decluttering or removing things other physical things. These are certain things that we do unconsciously and which has become a habit.

To embrace a simple life, one needs to quit these things because it serves no good.

Day 8: Don’t complain for one whole day

Complains drains our energy and stops us from seeing the good in life. For most of us who live in unawareness, complaining has become a mental state where you actually kind of enjoy to complain. Complaining starts satisfying you (your ego).

But there is nothing more draining than complaining and makes your life more and more complicated.

You have to break this cycle. Go a day without complaining. Then repeat again the next day.

If you find yourself complaining (which is most certain you will), don’t be dishearted but simply bring your awareness to it.

Awareness is itself the biggest thing when you’re trying to bring change. As soon as you become aware that you’re complaining, simply stop.

Also try to stay away from people with whom you’re most likely to complain about life.

Day 9: Quit negative self talk

We talk about others and to others all the time. But even more than others, we talk to ourselves much more.

Today, be aware about how you talk to yourself and about yourself.

If you find yourself talking or thinking negatively about yourself- perhaps you don’t see yourself as having that much courage, confidence, or you dont believe in yourself.

Today, simply notice them and don’t give them any importance.

Simply notice that those thoughts are there. No need to fight them, but no need to accept them as true either.

Day 10: Don’t multi-task

This is hard, but try atleast. Try to do only one thing at a time. If you’re working, work. If you’re eating, eat.

If you realise you’re doing two things at a time, then simply stop and give your attention to the one thing. Keep trying.

Day 11: Quit using your phone first thing in the morning

I cannot tell you how big a hand this habit has in ruining our potentially good and simple day.

Immediately cut this habit of using phone first thing in the morning and follow the same for all the days to come.

I have stopped checking my phone first thing in the morning and it has been the biggest change in simplifying my life.

What I do instead is, after freshening up in the morning, I set a 30 minutes timer, and I read. This helped me cultivate the reading habit.

It helps me start my day positively which otherwise would have been stayed in bed scrolling over what others are doing and getting updates and news I wouldn’t want to actually see.

Day 12: Uninstall shopping apps

If you have too many shopping apps which you end up opening just because of the notifications of sales and end up spending too much time and money on them, its time to uninstall them.

Day 13: Uninstall/ log out from social media

Checking social media constantly reduces our focus and enthusiasm in other important things. We all know how much it complicates and adds to our mental clutter.

If you can uninstall social media or log out from it after using. This helps in creating a barrier to checking it constantly and fiddling with your mental energy and focus.

Day 14: Quit saying yes to everything

Today, don’t say yes to each and everything that comes up in your way. Have the courage and the truthfulness to say ‘No’ when you want to say no.

Week 3: Tiny habits to add to simplify life

In week 3 we now come to adding the essentials. These are small things and small habits that if applied will truly begin to simplify your life.

Don’t underestimate them for they will truly transform and will help you have a simple life.

Day 15: Create a social media cut down plan

Be clear about how much social media you want to use every day. Set up time when you would want to use it.

And after using it, uninstall it so you don’t check it again before your allotted time for social media comes.

For me I like to check social media after I get my morning routine and breakfast done. Then I check it for a little while after lunch before nap, and then again in the evenings when I am free.

After using I log out from it, so I don’t end up checking it again and again.

Day 16: Create a morning routine

Creating a morning routine immediately brings structure to your days. How you start your morning defines how your day will go by.

Create a simple morning routine and you will see that it will help you tremendously in simplifying your life.

Day 17: Move your body for 10-15 mins

By all means, move your body for atleast 10-15 minutes, whether it is by exercise, walking or simply streching. And repeat again day after day.

I am currently doing workouts by Pamela Reiff from her app. All her youtube of her workouts are organized in a great way in the app,

Day 18: Make bed right after waking up

Keep making your bed right after you wake up and your mind will feel instantly fresh and active!

Day 19: Have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time

Our life loses its simplicity when we don’t have a structure. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner on time also contributes to simplifying life. Don’t skip any of the meals, especially breakfast.

Fix a time for each of the meals and have it at the same time every day.

Day 20: Start Journaling

Day 21: Spend some time in nature

Spend some time out. Go out for a walk. Sit in a park. After waking up, open your curtains and windows and let in fresh air. Make sure your body gets enough natural light through the day.

Week 4: Organizing to simplify your life

After you’ve got rid of all the unessentials that were cluttering your life, and added the simple habits that simplify life, lastly, simplifying life is about organizing.

This means that for all the things that you do need, you maintain them in a proper way.

Day 22: Organize your room

Start with one corner of your room, and slowly move on from there.

Day 23: Organize your workspace

Organize your files, your books, your pens, post-its. Keep track of everything that is pending and set a schedule for when you plan on doing them.

Day 24: Organize your phone and laptop

If you’re on day 24, then I suppose you’ve already decluttered your phone. Organize your phone’s photos, your files, your whatsapp groups etc.

Do the same with your ipad or laptop.

Day 25: Organize your lists

If you’re not in the habit of making lists, then I highly suggest you to keep lists. You can actually have a lists for everything to organize and simplify your life.

Here are some lists to keep and maintain:
  • List of things to buy
  • List of things that are pending
  • List of books you want to read
  • List of passwords
  • List of food items to buy
  • List of things to buy

Day 26: Organize your finances

How you manage and handle your finances has a big role to play in how much simple our life is. Most often the stress are all a cause and result of not being able to manage finances properly.

Automate your savings and the bills to pay. Always keep 10% of your income for investement purpose. (something I learned and am keep after reading the book, ‘The richest man in Babylon)Organize your finance by first keeping track of your income and expense in notebook. Write them down. If you have debts to pay, be clear of how much exactly you have to give back to each and everyone.

Then make a clear goal and plan of how you want to repay it and by when. Be very exact.

Day 27: Organize your wardrobe

Day 28: Organize your kitchen

Here are super inventive ways to organize your kitchen!

Final Things to simplify your life

Day 29: Set down goals

Have goals in life. And have the courage to go after them. A life without goals feels meaningless and directionless.

If you have goals you are willing to go after, you will strive your best to have your life back in order. Chasing goals will require you to first simplify your life so that all the unessentials go away and you are left with only the things that matter to focus on.

If you haven’t written down your goals, today give some time to think about your life goals and write them down.

Then make action steps you need to do and make those action steps your daily or monthly goal.

Day 30: Slow down and Be grateful

Lastly, slow down a bit today. Be grateful. Write down 10 things you are grateful for and go about your day with ease.

So this is the Simple Living Plan to a simple life in 30 days
I hope you loved this post. Simplicity is all a state of mind, but everything contributes to making a simple life.

You just have to take notice and do a little here and there- add somethings and remove somethings to have a good recipe for life.

Have a great day ahead.

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