How to Use Public Toilets Safely

A public toilet isn't the cleanest or most pleasant place we have to visit, but sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that we need it. Public toilets are used by many people and, as a result, a huge number of bacteria and microbes accumulate there. How can we make life easier and visit toilets outside the house in comfort? There are some rules on how to use public restrooms that the majority of us don't know. For example, the first stall is cleaner than the others.

Bhaskar Health prepared 10 pieces of advice that will help you use public toilets without fear. At the end of the article, all moms and dads will find a very useful bonus.

1. Use the cleanest stall.

How to Use Public Toilets Safely

When going to the restroom, try to choose the stall that looks the cleanest. By the way, it's interesting that many people prefer stalls that are farther from the front door. So take a closer look at stall number one — perhaps this will be a better choice.

2. Don't put your things on the restroom floor.

Don't put anything on the floor of a public toilet. Microbes and dirt from shoes will be transferred to your things and will eventually be on your hands. Your bag deserves the best! Hang it on the hook.

3. Have your own seat protectors.

It's not necessary to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper. Especially if you have your own seat protector. They can be found in many stores, for example here. After use, discard them immediately. Such protectors are disposable.

4. Flush smart.

For obvious reasons, there are many microbes on the flush button. Wrap your finger with toilet paper, and press the flush button. Immediately throw the paper in the trash can or directly into the toilet. Quickly turn away from the toilet, and exit the stall.

5. Wash your hands in hot water.

Wash your hands with hot water because it effectively fights microbes. If possible, use soap. Hold your hands under the water for at least 20 seconds.

6. Dry your hands with paper towels.

Don't dry your hands with hot air. Remember that microbes thrive in a humid and hot environment. It's better to look for a machine with a paper towel, and they are installed in many toilets. Carefully make sure that you have a new towel in your hands.

7. Don't touch the door handle without a paper towel or toilet paper.

Door handles are also a breeding ground for microbes. How often do you think they're touched in a day? Exactly. That's why, before leaving the restroom, arm yourself with toilet paper or a paper towel. Wrap the door handle with paper, and, after leaving the room, immediately throw the paper in the trash can.

8. Use sanitizer.

Always keep sanitizer for your hands with you. It's useful after going to the toilet, before eating, and after a trip on public transport. Sanitizer can be bought not only in a pharmacy but also in the supermarket.

9. Always have your own toilet paper or wet wipes.

Life is unpredictable. Who knows? Maybe the public toilet will run out of paper. It's better to be prudent and anticipate such situations. So carry in your bag or briefcase a little toilet paper or, even better, wet wipes.

10. Don't hesitate to tell the management about dirty public toilets.

Modern companies take care of cleaning services and cleanliness. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to tell them if something is wrong. Your claim will help the company become better. They don't want anyone to require medical services.

Bonus: If you have a baby

If your child is still an infant and you want to change their diaper, always keep the following items in your bag:

  • A diaper that can be put under the baby so that its delicate skin doesn't touch the bare surface of the changing table
  • Wet wipes
  • Antiseptic

What advice was most useful to you? Tell us in the comments!

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