My Morning Routine: Things I Do Before 8 AM

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When you get up in the morning, knowing what you got to do, knowing how you want to spend your day, and give yourself ample me-time to nourish yourself and to do the things that matter, you take your power back. Yes, having a morning routine is what helps us take our power back.

My life started to improve drastically ever since I became a morning person. Before that, I used to wake up feeling exhausted already and oh! so directionless.

Ever since I decided to become a morning person and created a morning routine for myself, I realize how life-transforming it is. But you will never know if you never give it a try and experience it yourself.

Now I can’t imagine myself just waking up with no intentions, with nothing to do, and not giving that me-time to myself in the morning.

So today I want to share with you my morning routine before 8 am: Things I do before 8 am. These 8 things I believe are what everybody should at least try to do in the morning.

My morning routine before 8 am

Get Up at 5 AM

I wake up at 5 am. I have my alarm set but I naturally get up before the alarm even rings. When you start waking up at one fixed time for some days till you build a habit, your body knows automatically.

Tidy Up

So before I sit down to actually the start of my morning routine, I tidy myself up. This takes around 10-15 minutes and it is 5:15 am.

Hydrate Myself

The first thing I do is hydrate myself. I have my big bottle in front of me which I will finish slowly by 8 am but for my first glass of water, I allow myself to just drink the warm water and do nothing else.


Then I give 30 minutes to reading. This is how I give time to read everyday. This is how I cultivated my reading habit.

In the morning- I must read. In the morning- as a matter of fact, everybody should read. It is the most powerful habit you must add to your morning routine.

If not anything else- read in the morning. Even 10 minutes is great.

The kind of book you read in the morning is also very important. I try to read only self-improvement, encouraging or spiritual books for my morning read. I keep the novels for my evening. I don’t like reading novels in the morning.


After reading, I get up and put on my exercise clothes which I keep ready and in front of me so I don’t have to keep on searching for them every morning.


Prayer is another important part of my morning routine where in my prayer I set my intentions for the day and pray for the strength to complete it.

I pray for attention, pray for a good relationship, pray for my mother’s good health and for my father, and everyone who has passed away.

I give thankfulness and pray for strength and it recharges me and connects me to my true self.

M.I.T (Most Important Task)

Getting your MIT done early in the morning, you are already productive and you don’t have anything major important left on your to-do list.

This M.I.T is different for different days for me. Some days it is learning something, some days it is preparing for my class, working on my blog, and some days it is writing my blog post like it is for today.

By getting my MIT done early morning, my evenings are free which I spend reading, playing, painting, journaling, or just relaxing and using my phone.

End Note

So this is my morning routine before 8 am. I love this morning routine and how it sets a good tone for the rest of my day.

How about you? How do you spend your mornings?

Depending on your own list of things to do- I highly suggest that you too create a morning routine if you haven’t and give at least the first hour to yourself each day. You will notice the difference soon.

No matter what and how little time you give to each, make sure to add at least 3 things from these 5 sacred ingredients for a powerful morning routine.

That is how you will take your power back.

Wish you a wonderful day ahead!

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